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Above - Views across Platrithia toward Lefkada Island from the outskirts of Stavros in the north of Ithaki. Not a cloud in the sky. Nothing but the crisp, clear horizon showing us what's in our near weather future. Apparently the temps will rise to 20C by the weekend. Spring temperatures for sure. A good sign for the Carnival this coming Sunday which was postponed last Sunday due to bad weather. The participants will hopefully not be disappointed again after the weeks of rehearsals to make the Carnival a brilliant success for their school classes.
Wednesday 9th - Brilliant blue-sky day yesterday. It was cold, but the sun was so satisfying that it didn't matter. A great day for getting out and about. Left - On the outskirts of Stavros. Below - Kosta from Kimis butcher taking his medicine.
Friday 11th - Another beautiful day yesterday and the same expected today. People are beginning to take their fun outside into the village squares again, and no wonder, the warm sunshine is on its way back.
Rumours of the Stavros Primary School amalgamating with Vathy seem to have been put to rest with the rigorous disapproval of the parents committee which was passionate about keeping a school community in the north of the island. The School Calendar makes up a great part of the northern island entertainment.
Left - Margarita Cafe in Stavros has had a facelift inside and out. Maria and Maki are proud to show off the new coat of paint. Below - Schools out for the day.
Above - The Stavros park with Sotiros church in the background, holds Ulysses bust. It's the first northern stop of day trippers coming by bus to Ithaki. Besides the bust, it's a refreshing place to sit and contemplate life while the view of Polis beach beneath with Cephalonia in the distance, is always a satisfying distraction.
There are signs of Spring wherever you look now. Wild flowers and walking locals.
Saturday 12th - There was a real air of Spring today. More people out and about, 'good weather day' locals coming back to the island, winter locals who have been hibernating until now, show themselves again now that the sunshine is warm and inviting. This Sunday the Carnival (postponed from last Sunday) is on in Vathy at 3pm, so head down there to support all the trannies, and kiddies who have been practicing their Carnival routines for weeks now.
Above & Below - Dimitri from Laertes Farm Fruit and Vegatable Market in Stavros is happy to present his shops' new look. New floor, ceiling, roof, paintwork and set-up, inside and out. Laertes has maintained its traditional style, but with a freshness.
Temperatures are forecast to rise this weekend as we say goodbye to a Winter we've barely had.
Vathy Carnival 2011
Sunday 13th March 2011
It wasn't the blue-sky day everyone had hoped for, but it was calm and dry and not too cold for this years' Carnival day in Vathy. All the rehearsals and hard work really paid off. A great day was had. Congratulations to all who sewed their fingers to the bone for the great costumes (or whoever bought them) because this year, all the old costumes were left at home and there was nothing but fresh, colour to be seen around the streets of Vathy. Click Here or on photograph below for 3 pages of pics on the Vathy Carnival Parade.

Ithaca Greece in Springtime

Yesterday we were lucky enough to have a warm and blue-sky day. What can I say except 'PERFECT', whether you were fishing off the pier in Frikes (Left) or enjoying a drink at Valentinos with Maki in Stavros (Below).
Above - The Frikes corner is shaping up. What will it be?
Above Left and Above - A few weeks ago I published a photo of the rubbish that adorned this roadside. Today we have a clear roadside with a sign that dumping rubbish is prohibited. 1 down ...
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