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Right & Below - Exoghi views. This mountain village is beginning to break out in wild flowers. Soon all the fields will be coloured with them. Wendy takes an afternoon walk to pick some of them.
Tuesday 15th - It's warming up folks. Spring time and another BIG Greek Easter ahead. Those who adhere to their religious code, have stopped eating meat now until Easter Sunday when the Fast ceases. Greek vegetarian? Almost an oxymoron, but at this time of the year, it's true of the majority of Greeks. Left & Below - Inbetween Apostolata and Mazourka just outside of Stavros.
Saturday 19th - There is more rain on the horizon, but for now we have fresh, blue-sky days and temperatures that warm the heart. Below - Vathy Square isn't buzzing much at the times I'm the capital, but with Easter coming soon, that will change.
Right - The Kioni Community is putting on a Classical Music Night at the Kioni School with Violin and Piano by Elisabeth Schaefer and Spyros Koutsouvelis on Saturday 26th March 2011. Starts - 20.30.
Elisabeth Schaefer is a German born renowned violinist living on Ithaki. Spyros Koutsouvelis is Athens born pianist who has performed all over the world.
There is no doubt that this night in Kioni will be a very special one. Get along and, not only become musically enlightened by 2 excellent talents, but also to support the Kioni Community.
Sunday 20th - It was such a great morning, it was time to get out and enjoy the sunshine. Take a look around Ithaki on this day in March by Clicking Here or by clicking on photograph Right.
Wednesday 23rd - It's Spring and with Spring, all the enthusiasm for the upcoming season. Tomorrow in Stavros, the Primary School children have a performance for Independence Day. Friday, Parade & Church service in Stavros starts at 10am. Also on Friday (Independence Day) the big parade in Vathy starts around 11.30 to midday. There will be speeches and patriotism bubbling up from the concrete.
Saturday in Kioni, we'll have a classical performance in the old Primary school with piano and violin. A little culture during our build up to Easter. Below - It's been some time since we've seen Niko (Mylos Creperie), Dimos and Stavros playing together. Life has had its grip on their spare time. Now, they've got their songs almost ready and joining them will be 'moi' and my 'moi' other half. Dates coming soon.
Kioni Classical Music Night - Program pieces from: Johann Nepomuk Hummel, Robert Schumann, Eduard Puetz and Rebecca Clarke
Sunday morning in march on ithaca greece - ithaki holidays
Independence Day parade in Stavros and Vathy ithaca greece 2011
Right - A photograph of Andreas Anagnostatos, who recently passed away, taken in Melbourne Australia around 1956. This photo was sent to me from the Ithacan Philanthropic Society of Melbourne by President Nikos Varigos. Andreas Anagnostatos was not only a loved local, but dedicated archivist for the island, author of historical content and the Ithacan correspondent for IPS in Melbourne. He will be greatly missed.
Above and Right - The Polis valley beneath Stavros village in the north, is lush and green after a rainy, but mild winter.
Last night, Kioni put on a wonderful classical music evening at the old primary school. The night was organized by George Karantzis for the Kioni Community, and guests were Elisabeth Schaeffer on Viola and Spyros Koutsouvelis on Piano. After the concert, many headed to Spavento Bar where George put on some jazz tunes and took his place behind the bar again. For more pics CLICK HERE or on photograph Right.
Today, Ithaki farewelled one of its favourite locals and archivists, Andrea Anagnostatos. He will be greatly missed. Funeral was today at Taxiarchis in Platrithias. You can take a look back at a day I spent with him a few years ago by clicking here.
Thursday 24th - A warm day (almost t-shirt weather) today. The Primary School kids in Stavros put on a little performance with songs and speeches for the parents. The kids were dressed up in full-gear for Independence Day celebrations.
After the kids finished their performances for their parent, it was off to Sunset Cafe and Margarita Cafe for some.
Independence Day Parade
Friday 25th March 2011
For this years Independence Day parade, a warm and sunny day greeted Ithacans. The village of Stavros and Ithakis capital town of Vathy each had their own unique way of celebrating this monumentous day, but they had one thing in common, enthusiasm. For more pics of both parades CLICK HERE or on photograph left.
Rumour has it that the north of Ithaca may finally be getting ADSL. Seems that although we, as locals haven't had much pull, the bank does. The ATM can't connect efficiently with a landline, so ADSL is on its way within the next week. I can't believe it, but I, as other northerners, will hope it to be true.
Don't forget the classical music performance tonight with violin and piano at the Kioni School. Starts 8pm.
Sunday 27th - Although the skies are grey and it's been drizzling today, it was another brilliant day yesterday. The sun was warm and shining all over us. Left - Traveling chicken salesman. You just never know what comes off the boat.
Monday 28th - This morning it was sunny in the north and grey and threatening rain in the south. Right - Forkis Bay. Below - Goats scramble under the safety barrier of the Stavros to Vathy road to escape the passing traffic.
Above - A real Ithaki traffic jam. Hmm, now which one will end up on our plate? Right - The Eco School in Vathy on their Treasure Hunt.
This coming weekend, the Ithaki Theatre Group will be presenting 'The 3 Sisters' at the Cultural Center in Vathy on the 1, 2, 3 and 4th of April. I'll be heading along tonight for a rehearsal for some pics.
Above - Each night before the 1st of April, the Ithaki Theatre Group are rehearsing for the play The 3 Sisters. We got along last night to watch them work (and play). Click here or on photo above for more pics.
Above & Right - Vathy at dusk. With the milder temperatures, more and more people are around and about during all times of the day. The Winter 'lock-up' is over. This past weekend, Daylight Saving began and as we get closer and closer to April, more restaurants and shops are opening their doors to business again. Friday the 1st of April is opening night of The 3 Sisters and it's also opening night for Rementzo restaurant in Frikes, which has had its doors closed since last October. Not only has Vathy Bay had the odd yacht or two coming in for a look, but also Frikes Bay and Kioni. The early birds on the yachting circuit want to see what's cooking when there isn't tourism.
Left - It looked like it could be another perfect day with this view in Stavros in the early morning, but the weather soon changed with increasing blackness coming from the horizon.
Above - Mark from Greek Islands and Left - Judy from Ionian Holidays. What do 2 reps from competing holiday companies have in common? The answer: A cup of coffee at Odysseas Cafe in Vathy. These two locals do their best each year to represent the island in its best light with accurate and helpful information for the visitors that come to them from the UK. These reps don't just fly in for the holiday season, but live here most of the year around.
I was surprised to hear that the Vathy Art Gallery has now been converted into offices for the Ithaki Council. I believe the Council offices are being renovated.
Tuesday 29th - Early morning rain and a mostly cloudy day today. The weather will fix itself pretty quickly again however. Below - The first yachts are beginning to come.
Thursday 31st - The weather is a little up and down this past week. One day sunshine, the next overcast. There's a busy weekend coming up for the Ithaki Theatre Group with 4 performances of The 3 Sisters from 1 - 4 April at the Cultural Center in Vathy. On the 8th of April, Mylos creperie in Vathy will see the debut performance of the covers band 'Nylon Sex'. It's been awhile since there's been any live pop/rock music, so get on down to Vathy for that night. I'll be singing backup vocals and taking pics of course.
Below - Sunset Cafe in Stavros is a favourite in the winter and summer. The fire place is great on a cold day or night and in Summer, the views across Polis Bay are superb.

Above - Frikes is waking up again. Kiki from Kikis mini market has been keeping the main street warm until now, but with the 1st of April, Rementzo will join Symposium, Fiorendino Bar and Piperato in getting full life back into the bayside village.

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