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It's still too cool at night to sit on the bayside at the various restaurants around the island, although now we are into May, the temps will soon be going up and up and up.
Thursday 5th - The weather has been less than ideal these past few days. Very little sunshine, heavy clouds over the mountain tops... Time to catch up with editing some of the movies that have been sitting on my hard disk since last year.
Many locals were caught unaware of the petrol strike that started early this morning. The strike is touted to go on indefinitely. With quarter of a tank of petrol, we hope the indefinitely ends sometime very soon. I have it from the ferry ticket office that ferry fuel is not affected, so if you're planning your trip to the island, you can still arrive as planned. If you have a car however, I suggest you fill up at the first petrol station that you see open. On Ithaki, there are none today.
The seas are quite choppy today. It may keep some of the 'yachting beginners' away, although the veterans will love the conditions. Perfect for sailing.
Thanks to Omiros Kostopoulos (Ithakis resident film maker and the friendly face you can see at Polyctor Tours in Vathy, where you get your ferry tickets) I have some video footage of the Nylon Sex gig at the Cultural Center in Vathy last that I can edit for you. Will select a couple of tracks for you to see. Look out for it soon in the Ithaki Movie Room.
The forecast says rain for today and tomorrow, but weather forecasts don't seem to be written in stone so we may just continue with the fine weather we've had over the past couple of days. Above - The undergrowth is growing over. Soon it will be time again to strim back the jungle.
Right Above - The painting groups are back. Canvases and brushes take center stage for this month. Right - Jimmy (from Spavento Bar in Kioni last year) is helping out his mum, Kiki, in the Frikes mini market this year.

May Monday 2nd - The weather has been pretty grey and (almost) miserable, but today the sun is shining. It's still early so it's unknown yet whether the good weather will win over the darkening clouds, but we can but hope. Not the best for the visitors already coming on their holidays, as the UK at least, has been experiencing better weather than we have here.

It's very strange to have weather so unsettled at this time of year. There could always be a little rain, but to have such changing skies, mostly grey, low hanging cloud, mostly threatening, is very unusual. May is the time of year Ithaki gets lots of walkers and cyclists and those who want to avoid the mid season heat..
Saturday 7th - A much better day today. The wind died down and the sun finally came out again. Left - Gary and Caroline sailed in a few days ago during one of our windier afternoons. The cross winds and wild gusts from Meganissi down to Frikes got them to motor into our harbour. They're on a short break from the UK where the weather has been better than here from all accounts.
Have just loaded up 1 track from the Nylon Sex gig from the 27th April at the Cultural Center. If you missed it, then you can have a peak now.
Monday 9th - Summer is just around the corner (not that you'd know it from the weather in May) and in summer, nearly everyone that lives here or comes to visit, wants to go swimming. The beach isn't for everyone, some like the pool so it may be handy to know that if you are one of those people who prefers the clear-water, that Nostos Hotel swimming pool in Frikes is also open to the public for a small fee. Left - Lukas, Andrea and Niki from Nostos Hotel. Below - The Nostos Hotel swimming pool.
The north is coming alive again this month. All the shops and restaurants are working, except for Piperato in Frikes, which hasn't opened its doors in some time. In Kioni, the Mentor Cafe is also touted to re-open this year under new management. Diamanto will be this year, as last year, catering to her visitors in the clothing and accessories shop on the bayside in Kioni.
Left - Beep! Beep!!
The Day Trippers are back this month. Ferrying in tourists on their daily cruises around the Ionian. In Frikes its the usual trek, but in Kioni a new Day Tripper began its route yesterday. On docking in Kioni, it was greeted by the priest who blessed its voyage now and in the future, and Niko V with Halva. Quite a welcoming. Just love the summer time fun on Ithaki.
Ag Nikolas Festival - Tuesday 10th May 2011

It was only this morning that I went along to take some pics and video of this annual festival at Mavrona Beach. A great morning, and as always, the community made everyone very welcome. Although there was fear of it, no rain ruined the day. 6 Lambs were spit roasted and plenty of local wine and beer kegs kept everyone lubricated. For more pics of Ag. Nikola, CLICK HERE or on photograph Right.

Tuesday 10th - Left - Yesterday afternoon a sky in turmoil was coming Ithakis way. Nothing dramatic once it reached us however, well not yet anyway. This morning I'm heading off to Mavrona, the beach below Raxi village in the north, for their annual festival and spit roast. It's always a very traditional good time. Pics of the Panighiri to follow.
Ag Nikolas festival at Mavrona on ithaca island. Greek Island Holiday Activities. 2011
Wednesday 12th - The ferry stayed tucked away in Vathy bay all day due to another general strike.
Although the skies start and end looking a little threatening, nothing eventuates and we end up with sunny blue sky days. Still lots of wild flowers to keep us coloured up, but soon the weather will get alot warmer and the flowers will turn to weed, so let's enjoy them while we can.
News on ADSL in the north of Ithaca is that the machinery that needed to be replaced is finally here and word is that it will be made functional this week. We continue to keep our fingers crossed.
Piperato Taverna in Frikes looks like its readying itself for the season after some time with its doors closed. Quick and easy food on the go if you need it, but also sit down and enjoy if you want. The taverna doesn't have a bayside spot, but its a nice place to go when you want to get away from the crowds.
Friday 13th - Left - There are more excavations taking place at Homers School in the north of Ithaca. Digs around the roadside have uncovered more stone walls and remnants of pottery.
Great weather these past few days. Above - Ariadne is learning the ropes at her parents restaurant, Rementzo, in Frikes. You can never be too young to help in the family business and if it's also fun, then all the better. Above Left - The old Kalamos Hotel in Kolieri. It's a location draped in romance and Ithakis modern history with people such as Sophia Loren having been a guest there. Below Left - Platrithia with Taxiarchis church at its pinnacle.
Above - Past Homers School, along the country road, there is a beautiful landscape to discover. took a walk to see the views so I will put on some pics over the next couple of days.
Left - Most restaurants have now opened their doors after a winter sojourn, O Nikos in Vathy just behind the village square, is one of them. Some good traditional Greek Kitchen can be enjoyed here.
Left - The sun begins to go down over Vathy Bayside, colouring the town in a golden hue. Below - If you ever doubt that Lefki has the best sunsets, all it takes is a drive through at that time of day.
The video of Ag. Nikolas Festival from the 10th of May 2011 is now online. Click Here or through the Ithaki Movie Room Videos 2011 Page 2
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