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walking past homers school on ithaca greece 2011  
Below - The Flotillas have nestled in Frikes Bay. all ports were well populated last night. Shelter from the storm.
May Monday 16th - It's not often I get to take a walk along a path I haven't walked. New views can get you enthused. Click Here or Click on photograph Left.
Each week more and more people are coming to the island. It's hotting up for the Season. Personally I think it's going to be a BIG one.
Tuesday 17th - Ithaki woke to a cloudy sky yesterday morning, without warning it seemed. When the sun was out it was hot, when it was covered in cloud it was cool.
Above - Kionis' Katsikouli beach. Left - This little taverna in one of the side streets of Vathy gets a little more outdoor eating space for its diners.
I can't believe it. This morning I got a call from Cosmote to ask whether we still want ADSL. OF COURSE WE DO. They have submitted our request and now it's just a matter of waiting for a message to pick up the modem. Only around 30 lines have been made available, so if you don't get in soon, you may miss out.
Wish I didn't have to tell you this, but it's raining! A windy and cloudy day today, and now rain too. Not what we expect mid May.
Thursday 19th - After months of being told that Kioni won't be able to get ADSL, locals there seem to be the first to get their modems. The reception seems to be good. Now, after putting in a request over 1 year ago with OTE, the message to tell us our modem is ready, is too long coming. There are only around 30 lines so we've been told.
Left - The little church on the bend in Ag. Sarantas is getting a Fresco facelift by local|Italian Bruno who has a big talent that should not be ignored. They look wonderful and will no doubt give new life to the little church. Below - The weather has been very changeable this month, but it's still great walking weather. Not too hot. Below Left - Ag. Sarantas is a norther village with traditional life and traditional architecture with small cottages and lively gardens.
Left - The skies were brewing again yesterda . Something very dark and ominous was heading our way and we didn't think we could escape the downpour this time.
Yesterday is yesterday and today the sun is shining again just like it's expected to in May. Blue skies and warm temps making the locals and visitors on the island very happy.
Later today, Stavros celebrates its Saint, Papoulaki with a parade from Ag. Barbara down to Sortiros church. Some pics coming so check back later.
Papoulaki ithaca greece 2011
ADSL working fine and dandy thank you very much. Even Kioni has access, which is great news for the businesses and locals who are either internet dependent or in love. It's been such a long time coming, no one really thought it would ever happen. Luckily the ATE bank had a need for its ATM in Stavros to have a reliable connection.
To see a video of Papoulaki Click Here or through Ithaki Movie Room 2011 Page 2.
Saturday 21st - Another wonderful day yesterday. Summery and bright. Papoulaki is on this weekend at Ag. Barbara church in Stavros. I will try to be there to take some pics of this very traditional acknowledgement of a Saint.
Only a day away from ADSL. The message came that the modem is ready to pick up. Cosmote in Vathy will open up shop for whoever wants to be served during this 'Let's hurry and get ADSL', even if it's outside their working hours. I've got to say, they are very helpful in regard to all things telephony and communications, including getting the best deals for mobiles and home phones. Just call Androniki at Germanos Vathy for info. She also informed me that more than 30 lines are available. The person in the know who shared this information with me, wasn't too much in the know afterall, so don't panic, there are plenty of lines to go around.
Sunday 22nd - Unification celebrations (when the Ionian islands united to become the Eptanisa - 7 islands) yesterday all around the island coincided with the Name Day for Eleni and Constantino. Parties around Greece.
Left - An almost forgotten little corner in Vathy comes alive with Poseidon and a new outdoor eating area for one of the towns popular tavernas.
Monday 23rd - Big celebrations in Stavros yesterday as locals and clergy honoured Ithakis own Saint, Papoulaki. Click here or on photograph Left for more pics.
Tuesday 24th - A rainy and miserable day yesterday. Nothing at all dramatic, just lacklustre and grey. Platrithia is coming alive again now that the Yefuri gang is back and the restaurant is open for business again. Not every night yet, but enough to get by during this shoulder season. My favourite is Bert for Brunch on Sundays.
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