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Above - Kostas from Kimmis Butcher, keeping the north of the island well stocked for their meat needs. Although there are a few vegetarians, meat is the staple of any Greek diet.
Above - An excavation for a house on the outskirts of Stavros in the Pilakata area, halts temporarily due to graves being found under the top layer of soil. There also seems to be an outline of an older house there as well. Looks like not everyone was buried in the cemetery. Right & Below - Relfections.
November Thursday 10th - It's been a little overcast the past couple of days with the possibility of rain today. More so a little further north than here on Ithaca. Left - Polis Beach is located beneath ithaca's northern center of Stavros. Below - Keeping the roadsides clean does not mean throwing waste over the road's edge. Shame shame shame!
Above - Tuesday night the hillside beneath the road to Anoghi rocked with what most thought was an earthquake, but when seeing the quarry lit up and smoking, it was soon realized that the rocking and shaking was due to dynamite. Just when you thought it was safe to put your feet up... Nice timing! Left - Stavros town.
Greece may be taking second place to Italy right now, but that doesn't stop the political ping-ponging going on in making the decision as to who will be the interim Prime Minister. No hurry Greece, life is long, especially when waiting in line at any Greek public office. The country is without a working government, but just take your time. Here on the island, ADSL is still very slow and sometimes halting altogether. Luckily it's winter and business is almost in hibernation.
Friday 11th - Left - There's a bulldozer on the Anoghi to Kioni path. Wonder what that means.
It ended up being another great weather day. Just like Summer, but not. People walking around in T-shirts and soaking up the rays. Better enjoy it while we can, apparently on Sunday it's going to start getting alot colder and November will be playing it's usual role as a winter month again.
Looks like Mr. Lucas Papadimos has the top spot until the upcoming elections. After some chest pounding and ping-ponging back and forth, a decision was finally made.
ADSL in the north of ithaca is about as pathetic as it can get. Everyone with Conn-X is complaining. More phone calls today with some inexperienced tech person at the other end. This time they made us do a test... a speed test. We failed of course, you have to be able to get online to do it. The tech (no) head said he will have to pass it on to someone higher up. Tonight, still no good. It takes me over an hour to load up. Not Happy!! Apparently in Vathy, it's working fine, so the problem can't be between Cephalonia and Ithaca, it must a Stavros problem. Better ring again tomorrow and suggest that to the brainiac on the other end of the phone. It's over a week now and we in the north are as frustrated as we want to be.
Thursday 17th - Left - It appears that there is a road being made from Anoghi to Kioni by the look of it. The bulldozer has begun to make it's way through.
Above - With the rock breaking machinery nearby, seems there may be a road between the two villages in a few months time. Below - The forest debris.
Left - It was a bit of a shock to see trees on their sides after the big mach had been through. Below - The clearing doesn't follow the track to Kioni, it forks off to the right while the track heads left.
The landscape is changing in the bush. Considering Anoghi isn't on the tourist track or the local track for that matter, I am left to wonder what the purpose of this road would be, especially in these economical times. Anoghi has access from Vathy and from Stavros, so it's not accessibility.
It's been quite chilly this past week, but the sun has been shining and the skies have been clear.
Left - Frikes is almost like a ghost town during the daytime, but with a little sun shining on it, it's still quite beautiful.
Apologies for the online absence this past week, but the internet has been horrifically slow and I just didn't want to risk leaving pages half loaded up, making them inaccessible. Last night it worked a little faster so I'm hoping it will still be ok now. Guess I'll soon find out.
Dodonis in Frikes has packed away its outdoor furniture and looks like it will be closing now over the winter. Yefuri has its last food service on Sunday, this restaurant is also packing up for the winter. It should be a big weekend there however, with locals wanting a little life before the winter hibernation really begins.
Friday 18th - Left - Still alot of burning off going on around the island.
Above - Petra restaurant. Local butcher, shepherd and restaurenteur, Bakarello, keeps his establishment open all year round and although the Stavros streets are empty, Petra and Margarita Cafe (Left) keep their lights on for the few strays that come along on a winters night, looking for a little life.
There seem to be less people picking their olives this year. Many locals seem to have escaped for the Ithaki winter, looking for greener or warmer pastures.
Saturday 19th - Another stunning weather day on the island. The sun is shining and its warmth seems to be putting a smile on the locals faces for another day. Left & Below - It's Saturday and Ithacas DEH (Electric co.) is working, keeping the lines maintained after a truck accidentally?!??! hit a pole in Stavros. Giorgos is sorting it out.
Although I've had my complaints with DEH, I have always said that if the problem is on Ithaca, then our guys will fix it. They always do it quickly too. DEH as a company though, have taken the micky. Too many blackouts over the years, when the problems have been elsewhere, have frustrated us all to the extent that forgiveness and DEH don't go together. If someone made a list of all the electrical appliances that have exploded or been ruined due to severely fluctuating current, and if DEH took the responsibility to reimburse people or take it off their bills, then the savings for us would be huge. That's never going to happen unfortunately, but... We do have good guys on the island. They never leave us sitting in the dark if they can help it. Left and Below - Olive picking continues through November. With such wonderful days, it looks a very appealing thing to do.
Just thought I'd mention some of the good things about Greece. The Postal Service - Mobile, Wireless and ADSL National coverage - Public and Regional Transport (No matter where you want to go, you can get there) - Most advice is not charged by the minute or the hour - The life style and did I mention THE WEATHER the weather The Weather
Sunday 20th - A big night tonight at Yefuri Restaurant in Platrithia with its end of Season party. The party was not something that was planned by the owners, but the locals left on the island are preparing to make it a BIG one. In the meantime, the views were pristine today with more than enough sunshine to go around.
Banking is out of the closet. No more smiles and "how can we serve you?" Now it's "Put your money on the counter, your rights are declined because your country owes money!" Excuse me, we seem to have misplaced our democracy. Anyone seen it? Any chance of getting it back? or has the EU Repo Man repossessed it and sold it off to the Banks.
Monday 21st - Last night Yefuri in Platrithia, had it's last night for the Season. Friends and locals came along to make a party of it, and so they did. Lots of fun, dancing and joking around.
Seems like the Frikes Oil Press has improved its machinery and is open again for pressing northern Ithakis olives. That will be a relief for the older locals who would not make it down south to have their harvest processed.
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