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Above - Aetos. Right - There's still so much burning off going on it's becoming a breathing health hazard. Cars are covered in ash and everything smells like smoke. There is a smoky mist covering most of the island and it's not very pleasant. Below - Stavros.
Above - Olive picking in Platrithia. A quick update on the road from Anoghi to Kioni. It's been stopped. Seems like 'have bulldozer, will travel' should have read 'have bulldozer and permit, will travel'. Below - Reflections on Polis Bay just beneath the village of Stavros in the north of Ithaca.
A sad day yesterday, when Toula Sombola from Lahos passed away. Her funeral was today at Taxiarchis church in Platrithia at 4pm. Toula was one of the first people I met on ithaca, a beloved and always helpful neighbour to my parents in-law. Our sympathies go out to her family here and across the seas. She will be greatly missed.
November Friday 25th - Unfortunately the skies have been dull and grey, not very photographically inspiring over this past week or so. Still, today I got out and about and noticed that there have been a few changes around Vathy. Some of the back roads have been closed off to through traffic and the lovely paving of the streets behind the village square are in the process of being dug up again, only 1 year after being made. That will also be happening to the road leading out of Vathy as Mains water pipes have been placed on the roadside, soon to be put under the concrete and tar from the petrol station down to Forkys bay and Dexa.
Above - The Council building in Vathy is still in the midst of renovations. Left - Vathy dock. Only a memory now that the ferries will be using Piso Aetos exclusively.
Left - Piso Aetos port is now under construction to make it a more viable port.
Left - The Ionian Pelagos ferry is now running 7 days per week, servicing Astakos, Sami, Ithaca and Lefkada.
More annoying news today in regards to tax. Seems like all businesses will have to HIRE a machine from the National Bank, to pass the new tax cards through. Let me see if I get this straight, we have to pay a monthly fee to the bank to collect tax and receipts for the tax department??!!?? Yes! The tax card is like a credit card, except it swipes for receipts that are then lodged directly with the tax department. Ok, fine. It's a bit over the top, but ok. What's not ok for me is that we have to rent the machine from the bank. What the hell does the bank have to do with this? Every business in Greece paying money to the bank. A banal prop-up? ...when paying our house tax through the electric co. wasn't bad enough. I suggest, throw the whole system out. It's just getting more and more ridiculous! What's next, the baker, when delivering bread, also collects the annual tax? Bring bank King George VIII, at least we'd get to see some heads roll. Meanwhile, here at the roots, those in black are still wearing the colour without hinderance.
Sunday 27th - The sun came out a little today, in the early afternoon. Left - Wherever you go this time of year there's a sheep watching you.
Above - Careful digging is still going on at the excavation just outside of Stavros, where a house was being built, before graves were discovered at the site. Left - Some age old olive trees in the Pilakata region just outside of Stavros in the north of Ithaca.
Left - The landscape around Mazourka area near Stavros is beginning to look a little thin.
Tuesday 29th - So now we're into the last days of November and the weather is still treating us kindly. There's been no rain for some time, although it's quite damp overnight.
ithaca isn't known for its Autumn colours, but there are a few corners of the island here and there where the golden browns and earthy reds, make for a warm landscape.
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