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Right - Sunrise as seen from the walk from Exoghi to Pinerakia. A surreal haze across the Ionian.
September Tuesday 13th - Very warm days again. The mercury mightn't be in the high 30's, but the sun has sure been hot. Left - Ag. Ioannis beach.
Left - George Simiris from Ithaca Embroidery charms another satisfied customer. His fillet embroidery has become world famous. Above - Full moon.
Above - Polis Beach at night. Left - Spavento Bar in Kioni. Above Left - Vathy Square without tents. Although the town looks more picturesque, when it came to sitting somewhere yesterday, everyone went scrambling for the shady spots. Unfortunately there were only a few. The seats directly under the sun were vacant. I hope a solution (a legal solution) can be found soon. I would imagine that business is losing quite a bit of trade. Frikes bayside is still standing strong, but business owners report a lack of sleep from worry. The threat of big fines is still hanging over their heads. They report that they don't want anything more than the opportunity to make what they have, legal. Luckily Frikes is blessed with some big shady trees, should the hammer come down anytime soon.
Wednesday 14th - Another glorious day today. Lots of sunshine, blue skies and blue seas. Left - Cephalonia Strait.
Above - Vathy town. Left - Filiatro beach. Below - Aetos beach.
Left - Vathy views from Mazarata just above Ithakis Capital.
Above Left - Full moon over Frikes bayside. Left - Kioni bayside. Avra Restaurant view from Spavento Bar bayside seating. Below - Romantic lighting at Spavento Bar on the bayside.
Above - Anytime is cocktail time at Spavento Bar, but choosing one from the many on the menu is the difficult bit.
Please don't tell me it's time to jump ship. Ithaca only has one and I'm sure it's already double booked. OK this is a little cryptic, but ...
Friday 16th - Already the middle of September and we've had warmer than usual weather this month. It's been fantastic. While in the economic circles, everyone seems to be predicting doom and gloom, it's hard to imagin anything bad will happen to us here. We are cocooned inside Ithaki bliss. Reality is bound to hit sometime soon, but until it does, let's enjoy the views. Below - Low cloud coming up from Frikes into Platrithia. Left - Exoghi at dawn.
Left and Below - Pinerakia church and bell tower. Traditionally people ring the church bell when they walk up to Pinerakia.
Left - Talking to the animals in Kioni. Who would think you could get attached to donkey only after just one meeting.
Left - Kosta from Avra Restaurant in Kioni under his umbrellas. Now that the Day Trippers aren't flooding the bayside with visitors, it's a little quieter all around the island.
Left and Above - A big red moon turned the Ionian sea red last night. it looked particularly wonderful as the water glistened gold.
Saturday 17th - Monday through to Thursday, the island is still quite busy because the Flotillas come in, but the weekends are very, very quiet. The polar opposite to the rest of the world who gets ready and parties all night long. Left - Makis from Margarita Cafe in Stavros is looking particularly cheerful. Below - Kosta is from the local butcher in Stavros
Sunday 18th - Another spectacularly hot September day yesterday. The weather is forecast to change on Tuesday for a couple of days, but then it will be back to being fine. Left & Below - Afales Bay.
Above - Kathara Monastry at the top of Ithaki. Below - Vathy Bayside at night.
Left - Mylos Creperie is one of the popular nightspots on Ithaca, not only during the Summer, but all year around.
The tents are still up in Frikes. With rain due any day now, let's hope the order to pull them down doesn't come just yet.
September 2011
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