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Tuesday 10th - Below - The translucent waters of Afales Bay. Go to page 3 for more
April Friday 6th - Just a little reminder over the past couple of days, that Spring time also means rain. Yesterday, the skies were so dull it was hard to get a good shot. The sky closed in the horizon. Left - Frikes fisherman.
Rain means lush gardens everywhere. Yesterday was one of those cozy 'not too much to do' days.
Above Left - The Vlassopoulos family from Lahos. Nikos is 94 and a well loved local who had lived on Ithaca for 30 years before migrating to Australia where he also spent 30 years, only to retire back on Ithaca where has now lived for another 34 years. Left - There are so many cars parked in Stavros, yet the streets are empty and so are the cafes. Where is everyone? No idea. There's always a couple of locals at Kentro Cafe playing cards, another couple at Petra Restaurant sitting around with the owners and of course a few more at Margarita Cafe watching wide screen tv and Yiannis Taverna eating pizza. The fruit shop lights were still on, but not alot going on at night, and Odysseas supermarket also stays open until around 9pm. Local businesses try to support their community even when there's not a big profit margin at the end of the night.
Just a little note to tell you that yahoo.com mail has somehow been hacked and people with accounts through this server have inadvertently been sending out spam and some viruses (including me). If emails from me have any links that don't relate to ithacagreece.com or real estate, then please delete or at least, don't open the links. If you too have been caught with this problem, change your passwords, so that no one else in your contacts will have these emails sent to them.
Saturday 7th - The day started quite overcast, but as it went on, the sunshine came through and made it a quite pleasant day. It was warm enough to bring out the locals.
Photographs today are around Frikes and Lahos. Frikes has the water views of course, and although Lahos doesn't have any water views, it's looking particularly beautiful at this time of year. Lush and green and exploding with blossoming wild flowers. Below - The rubble from the deteriorated jetty in Frikes. The new one is up and running.
Left - Lahos looking across to Marmaka. Above - There are already visitors on Ithaki with their cameras out and walking around. They'll agree. This is a great time of year.


1 January-31 May: Every day for 24 hours.
1 June to 30 Sept: Six days a week (Monday to Sunday) from 07:00 to 14:00
1 October-31 December: Every day for 24 hours.
Perahori, Kioni
Every day for 24 hours throughout a year.
Stavros, Platrithias
1 January-31 May: Every day for 24 hours.
1 June to 30 September: Every  Monday and Thursday the time plan will  be announced at that time
1 October-31 December: Every day for 24 hours
Anogi, Exoghi, Ag. Yiannis
Private tankers will cover the water needs for these villages.
1 May–30 October: Every Friday from 08:00–13:00
Moreover in July and August: every Tuesday, same hours.

Notice: Tuesday 11th and Wednesday 12th April, ferry workers (sailors) will be on strike again. The strike has now been confirmed. Ferries to Italy with Italian staff, will not be affected.
Tonight (Saturday 7th) at 19.00 hrs at the old Kioni Primary School, Spyros Koutsouvelis and Elisabeth Shafer will be performing a duet on Piano and Viola.
Happy Easter to All (who celebrate it today)
Sunday 8th - With Easter coming up next week for Greece, the weather seems to be playing a little trick on us. This morning the skies are dark and darkening with much cooler temps ahead next week, but yesterday, the skies were mostly blue. Left and Below - Around Kioni.
Whatever the status of the law regarding tents, it's worth noting that in Vathy and Kioni the tent structures are going up again.
Left - This is a well known site over the mountains of Marmaka. Even on hot days, this cloud often hangs over the tops as the sun sets. Below - Kioni continued.
Left - At sunset there was also some fast movement over the top of Exoghi. When at the top you can really see the speed at which the cloud moves through the village. Below Left - Lefkada is obscured by a string of low lying cloud. Below - Kioni continued.
Left - Stavros with Exoghi in the background. This morning this was the colour of the sky. It's broken up a little since then, but there is some serious cloud coming down from the north. They are bulging with the change that is forecast for next week.
Monday 9th - Wild, wild weather yesterday and through the night. Thought we were in a cyclone or hurricane or something. Freaky. This morning, as is usual, the power went on, off, on, off, on, off etc etc until it finally cut out completely and took another electrical appliance with it. Hail and more storms this morning, but now at 4pm, the sun is finally coming out again. I believe we have a little bad weather left, but the skies seem to be clearing nicely at present.
Above and Left - Mazarata views. Below - The paving is finally down again after the new pipes were laid behind the Square in Vathy.
Left - The rain and hail beat down, dampening any hope of getting the Monday morning chores in Vathy over and done with quickly.
Today starts the BIG week of Easter. Many church services and pre-easter celebrations coming up before the Spit (roast) begins to turn. Below - Locals check the roster for this weeks church activities in Stavros Sortiros church.
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