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Monday 23rd - The forecast for today wasn't that great, but outside my window the sky is blue and the sun is shining. Makes you want to be out and enjoying Ithaca whether it's walking somewhere, trying for your first swim or hanging out at a cafe by the sea. Feels like a calamari and ouzo day.


April - Saturday 14th - What a wet and miserable day it was yesterday. Just when you thought it was over it poured down again and again, so we drove around for a photo op. Left - Lahos. Below - Loutsa

Left - Kathara. Below - Loutsa with Vathy in the distance.
Above & Below - Sarakiniko. Left - Loutsa. Below Left - Paliocaravo Restaurant in Vathy.
Above & Left - Marathia in the south of Ithaca. It's so lush and green at this time of year. In summer it always looks so isolated and barren. Below - More - noneco-art.

Greek Easter

Saturday 14th April 2012

The Resurrection

Anoghi is a simple and quick church service, held early due to the priest also having to give liturgies in other northern villages. It's a lovely church and I particularly love this ceremony, despite me not being very religious. There is definitely a warm aura and a deep sense of tradition about this day for Greece.

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Monday 16th - Yesterday all of Ithaki slept uneasily with rain and hail overnight, anxious about the weather for Easter Sunday, when the spit roasts should be turning under the sunshine for the HUGE Easter feast. Locals prepared tents and cleaned out work spaces to make room for the spit roasts and family as rain was expected through the day. Luckily, the forecast was wrong. It turned out to be quite a nice day, albeit a little windy, with no rain at all. With ferry strikes earlier in the week, there were already anxious moments, with the economic crisis, more anxious moments, but once the spit roast turned, all the anxiety burned away like the coals on the fire and all there was to do was eat up, drink and be merry.

Easter Sunday 2012

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Just when I thought I could take a breath, there's another event on tonight. The Easter dance at the Stavros Community Hall. Maybe I'll put my camera down for a minute or two to click my heels a bit.

Monday 16th - It's been a very busy few days, but completely enjoyable. Easter really marks the beginning of the Season, despite the fact that there is still a month and a half between Spring and Summer. Each (good weather) day we see more and more yachts sailing into the bays around the island and the milder weather also attracts walkers, artists and really just those visitors that love peace and quiet and the opportunity to be a little more intimate with the culture and the locals, which is more difficult to do during the high Season.

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Easter Dance

Monday 16th April 2012

A successful night for the Odysseas Football Club Fundraiser which doubles as the end of Easter Dance. We got along to the Stavros Community Hall to have a little fun with the team. 'twas an excellent night. Good fun, music and company.

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Tuesday 17th - The weather is a little crappy again today. (can I say that on my wholesome site?) Grey skies and drizzle.

On Thursday 19th at 8.30pm at the Cinema in Vathy a showing of Stelios Kolouglos documentary film «?LIGARCHY» will be previewed with discussion afterwards. Get along. Admission is FREE.

The next event coming up is that of the Ithaki Traditional Dance Group this Friday 20th. They'll be performing at 8pm at the Stavros Community Hall.

Friday 20th - On Wednesday it absolutely poured down all day, yesterday it was sunny again for most of the day and today it looks like we may seen more rain again in the afternoon. Each day a weather surprise. Left - Vathy Bay side. Below - View up to Marmaro Spilia just outside of Vathy. It's not a forest fire, just more burning off.
Above - The pipes are in and the paving down, now just to clear away the rubble after the works and the back streets of Vathy will look brand new again. Below - Once upon a time there was an OTE office in Vathy. It's a great old building. Hope something good will be made of it. Left - Karamela Cafe in Vathy just opposite the old ferry dock is still a big favorite, not only with locals but also visitors. Good snacks, a fire place for winter and occasional entertainment.
Left - Chani Cafe and Restaurant are always a good spot to view Cephalonia on one side and the bay toward Vathy on the other. Don't mind the S-bends. They're harmless.
Left - Penelope Restaurant in Frikes was the dancing place for the Musicman Stathi (or Steve) as visitors to Ithaca knew him, but over the past couple of years this restaurant has been rented out. This year, it appears Tilemahos Karavias (Once Mayor of Ithaca and Editor and Chief of Ithaca News) will be running the premises over the summer.
Don't forget the Ithaca Traditional Dance Group perform at the Stavros Community Hall tonight at 8pm. Get along and support Ithacan talent.
Saturday 21st - Yesterday started out grey, but didn't end up too shabby. The sun did shine in the afternoon. Below Left - Agalio in Kionia.
Above Left - Mavrona Bay beneath the Raxi area just outside Kioni. Left - Pilikata area of Stavros.

Two of Northern Ithakis favourite part-time locals are getting married today in Melbourne Australia.

Congratulations to Lucky & Maria from all their friends on Ithaki.

Left - The sun sets behind Cephalonia throwing a golden glow onto Frikes bay just before it sets. Below Left - Sunset over Cephalonia. Below Below Left - If you want a good sunset, then head to Lefki. They are always brilliant there.

Xarilaos Tsigonias Ithacas Dance Group

20th April 2012 at the Stavros Community Hall

Last night the group put on a wonderful performance of dances from the old movies. a nostalgic look back at how Greece entertained itself at the cinema.

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Now that the Big week of Easter and the Big week after Easter have passed, Ithaca will no doubt go into a bit of a lull before the Season really starts. Everyone is making sure their businesses are up and ready, looking good and working well. Let's keep our fingers crossed that Ithaca will keep its nose above water this year. If you're in any doubt where to spend your summer holidays, let there be doubt no longer. Come to Ithaca. We would love to see you here!!

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Left - Lukas from the Nostos Hotel in Frikes is again taking it on himself to clean the northern beaches. After a windy and stormy winter, there's alot to clean up all around the islands beaches so it's nice to see that Lukas, among others on the island, feel proud enough to do this job without fanfare or payment.
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