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April Monday 23rd cont - Below - This is about the best 'following' you can get on Ithaca. Left - Platrithia, as other villages on Ithaca, is looking very lush at this time of the year.

Left - Polis Bay. The green plateau turns yellow in summer but for now, it's looking gorgeous in green. Above and Below - Ag. Ioannis.
Tuesday 24th - I've just been looking at the stats for ithacagreece.com and it's made me feel so humble that so many thousands of people this month are looking in either for pleasure or for organizing their holidays. Thank you so much everyone for keeping this site going and supported all these years. With new sites coming up each year and folding again, all with the format of this website, I should be at least a little flattered, but alas, I guess it's just that ithacagreece.com covers just about everything that there's little left that hasn't been included, so I guess that's why other sites also have 'ithacans around the world', locals, recipes and what's new etc etc. Not usually included in most websites, but now, everyone seems to have them. The more websites the better. It can only benefit this island, especially now that Greece is in crisis. What would be really great though, would be some variety in the sites. I know some of these people look in quite regularly so this is for them. There's no point in all the sites having the same content, be creative and come up with your own ideas, something that might be cool for me to copy for a change. It's not enough to just have a pretty face, you want to be able to learn something too. This leads me to the question - What would you like to see included on ithacagreece.com?
Left - Fiorendino Bar in Frikes yesterday afternoon. The boys hanging out. Below - Afales looking toward Kolieri. Below Left - Frikes Bay.
Left - Frikes is still waiting for the new pier on the far side of the bay. The old pier is still in great condition, but the new one barely lasted a couple of seasons. Apparently it's in the works, but with so much paperwork who knows when it will be the pier everyone expected it to be in the first place. The floating thing just didn't work.
Friday 27th - What a beautiful day. Shame I couldn't enjoy it with the cold bug that's been going around. With everyone splattering, it's too hard to get out of the way on this small island. Woof!
Left - The port of Piso Aetos has undergone some well needed changes over the past months. Works seem to have halted at present, but the changes so far have meant better access in and out of the port. From reports, locals seem to enjoy the later morning departure from ithaca and the shorter travel time to Cephalonia. Although our accessibility has been disrupted somewhat over the past months with a reduced timetable, it hasn't been as big a disruption as first thought. We do hope we will have full twice daily services again once the season starts.
Above - More non-eco art in the north. Left - View of Stavros which overlooks Polis Bay.
There's more great weather ahead for the weekend, around mid 20's, just perfect for anything you want to do on the island.
Monday 30th - I haven't been lazy. I've been busy putting something new together for ithacagreece.com so I haven't had time to take photos over the past couple of days. The weather is very warm today and people are swimming already. My little project for ithacagreece should go online today so stay tuned. With no wind and people burning off all over the island, it's a little hard to breathe or to see through the smoke mist that's hanging low over the island.
Many more visitors on the island this week than last, Vathy was almost buzzing. with the first of May tomorrow (a big labour strike day) and elections this Sunday, I will hazard a guess that it's going to be very, very busy on Ithaki. Left - Exoghi. The wild flowers are really beginning to bloom all over the roadsides and moutain sides. Before the hot sun begins to turn the island yellow and dry, thought I better get all the colors of Spring before they disappears and Ithaki turns blue, as it does when swimming and the beach take priority for visitors and locals.
Above - Stavros. Below Left - Frikes. All the restaurants and cafe bars around the island are now set up and ready for business. Just a few final touches and the bayside villages will once again look like the picture postcard views we are accustomed to in Summer.
To celebrate May 1, Proodos Football Club will this year, as every year celebrate the day at Thalasses in Vathy. It's a morning event so head along and enjoy!
There will of course, be more May 1 celebrations and political stirring I would imagin, tomorrow. It's another big day on the Greek social calendar and political calendar. Like today, tomorrow will also be warm and fine, making it perfect for the outdoor life we all love and enjoy on Ithaca.
Tomorrow the 2012 Season officially begins. Ready, Set ...
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