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If you ever fancied yourself writing a novel, biography, A Book, then there is alot of information and guidance here to help. The seminars are open to public if you're interested. Seminars are running until the 8th of August. You can still get a few very worthwhile tips on your writing skills. The Link to the program is nearer the top of the page on the right.
Stavros Panighiri - Sortiros 2012. Festivals in Summer on Ithaca Greece. Greece Islands Holiday

Wednesday 8th - A scorcher ahead today. Again, in the 40's. Yesterday the thermometer read 42 C and today, the same is expected. Very balmy nights. A little hard to sleep last night, not even a breeze in some areas.
Early morning in Vathy, there were so many huge yachts in the harbour, you couldn't even see the water. Generally people are saying the numbers are down, but as far as the yachts are concerned, there does not seem to be a drop in that tourist traffic at all.
Don't forget tonight, the kids from the north of Ithaki give a performance at Limnes in Platrithia after a fun-filled theatre camp with Ithaki's own Athina Arsenis, who has dedicated the last month or so to involving the kids from around ithaki in some creative activities which culminate tonight, for the northern kids, in this performance. 8 euro entry fee.

Right - After a successful debut exhibition at the Stavros Community Gallery space (the old doctors surgery) by painter, Danai Kouvara, Ester van Zuylen follows with another painting exhibition starting from the 13th August and finishing on the 31st. Ester is well known on the island as a successful and dedicated walking guide, but her core passion is painting and crafting pieces of art from the objects she finds in nature.

It's good to see artists taking advantage of this newly renovated space to share some of their inspirational pieces of art with the Ithaki community and visitors to the island.


The Angels Still Live in The Mediterranean
Live Music Concert with
Laverentis Machairitsas, Tonino Carotone, Dimitris Starovas, Piluka Aranguren and Alkiviadis Konstantinopoulos

Vathy came alive with music last night as some of the mediterranean popular artists shared the stage at the Garden Theatre in Vathy.

For more pics CLICK HERE or on photo above or right.


August - Wednesday 1st - First day of the biggest (supposedly biggest) month of the season. Let's hope it pans out for all the businesses on the island who will need a good month to get through the rest of the year.
It's been so hot and continues to be hot, but it's the humidity that's really doing us all in. The best time of the day is when the breeze starts to blow at around 3pm, and if you're on the bayside, then you get the coolness of it, usually, although the past couple of days, not even that has given much relief.

For those with Greek language skills you may be interested in a talk that Psychiatrist and psychologist, Panagitis Sikiotis will be giving at Limnes in Platrithia on the 12th August at 8.30. 'The Children of the Power and Bow of Odysseas'. Speech is being organized by Fimios and the Platrithia community. After the speech there'll be refreshments.

  Left - The flavours of Summer. Below - The feet of summer.
Wednesday 2nd - Last night a heavy sky didn't bring any rain, but it did bring some well needed refreshment from the heat. Cool breezes. Very pleasant and finally easy to sleep.
Above - As day turned into night, clouds began to form overhead and everyone thought it would most definitely rain. The heavy sky only produced a little spit, but did make the moon in the sky a misty mirage over the island.
Above Left - The sun set behind Roussano, Exoghi and Afales. As the sun goes down you can always be assured of some brilliant colours in the sky.
Left - Platrithia, a growing neighbourhood in the north of the island.

Left - Frikes windmill over the bay with a misty moon to light up the harbour.
- Kioni night. Lots of yachts in the harbour last night. Wednesday seems to be one of the busiest nights of the week when it comes to yachting traffic at least.
Left - Frikes bayside restaurants light up the harborside with a colourful array of incandescent and fluro lighting. The cool change churned up the sea to a swell which rocked all the yachts in the harbour, especially on the far side of the bay.

Just a reminder that tomorrow night in Vathy at the High School in the Garden Theatre, the children's arm of Charilaos Tsigonias, Ithaki's Dance Group, will be putting on a very special performance of traditional dance. You don't have to speak or understand the Greek language to enjoy this, so get along and watch these talented children perform what they have learned from the masters of Dance, the elders of Charilaos Tsigonias.

As the clock ticked closer to midnight, the sky looked even more threatening, but in the end it turned into nothing but a refreshing cool change, something we all needed after the relentless humidity and heat over the past weeks.
Left - Yachts, 5 deep in the bay.
While everyone is looking at the big picture of the Greek crisis, the crisis is, and has always been, in the details.
Friday 3rd - Everyone must be breathing a sigh of relief that August is here and so are the hundreds and hundreds of people that come with August. Last night all the streets were full, from Kioni to Vathy. The baysides packed with yachts, especially in Vathy where yachts were moored nearly all the way down to the Dentraki area
Left - It's no secret that Ithaki is an inspirational place, so it's no wonder that people looking for inspiration come to the island. This is the first year for the Homeric Writers Retreat. Seminars and speeches on writing, getting published and all other things to do with writing. Chuck Sambuchino and Jessica Bell are conducting the seminars and have also included daily sessions for anyone who wants to take part without committing to the entire program. For the schedule click below.
All writers or 'want to be' writers are welcomed at the seminars. Find out just what you need to do to get published, find an agent and get your writings ready to be read by the world.

Ithaki and Santa Marinella cemented their bond of
friendship and mutual interests with a celebration last night at Thalasses (Maribou) in Vathy on the bay with speeches and dance performances.

Click Here or on photo Left for more photographs of last night
at Thalasses

Saturday 4th - We're well into the first week of August, Ithaki's biggest month in regard to the summer tourism season, and as not so expected, last night was quite noticeable quieter around the island. Apparently lots of people came off the ferry, but they weren't in the streets. Weekends are less busy than midweek, due to yachting traffic, but with up and down days, in regard to tourism, there'll need to be a little adjustment made to our mind set.

Charilaos Tsigonias
Saturday 4th August 2012

The Junior members of Ithaki's Dance Group performed a variety of traditional dances
last night at the Garden Theatre in Vathy. A Lovely night of some excellent music and very talented children from around Ithaca.

Click Here or on photo Left for more photographs

During August there is so much to do and see. Keep checking the Events Calendar for all the things going on around the island. I'll endeavor to get to as many of the performances and presentations as I can to bring you picks and news. Stavros Panighiri tomorrow. First night. Let it be great!
Sunday 5th - The Sortiros Panighiri tonight. It's considered the biggest festival on the island for Summer, and runs over 2 days. Better get an afternoon nap in.
Left - It's no wonder that the Nostos Hotel in Frikes is a favourite for people to stay on their holidays, not only is it run by a very friendly family, it also has a large swimming pool and pool bar with large grounds to find a corner to hide in if you want. Nicki, Andreas and Lukas are just some of the hard working people on the island, making your stay on ithaca a memorable experience.
The Nostos Hotel is well known for its group vacations, whether they be hikers, painters or writers. August sees the Homeric Writers Retreat setting up home for a week there. Jessica Bell, author and editor, and Chuck Sambuchino, writer and editor, from Writers Digest are giving Seminars on the best way to achieve your writing and publishing goals. Below - Jessica Bell
Left - Writers from Canada, the USA and Greece have come to the retreat to take part. Below - Chuck Sambuchino
Monday 6th - August is festival time on Ithaca. It's not only the summer season, but the party season. Although all the festivals are rooted in religion, the outcome is always a BIG street party in which the community and visitors to Ithaca, enjoy music, food, drink and dance.

Stavros Panighiri

Sunday 5th & Monday 6th August 2012

Sortiros is the biggest Panighiri on Ithaca. It goes
for 2 days and brings people from all over Ithaca
and the world. This year's Panighiri was as big as
ever and those who attended, would not have been
disappointed in the Kefi (good cheer) that emanated
from Stavros Square.

Click Here or on photo left for more photos.

Day 2

The second night of Sortiros was alot quieter, but
by the time the clock hit 2am, there was as much
dancing and partying going on as the first. Again
the music went into the early hours of the morning.
I thought I'd like around the edges of the Panighiri
and just took a few pics there.

For more pics CLICK HERE or on photograph left.

Tuesday 7th - Athina Arsenis who has been holding Summer camps for children on the island, will finish her camp with a performance in Vathy and at Limnes in Platrithia. Platrithia is on tomorrow (Wednesday 8th) It's an 8 euro entrance fee, but I believe it's totally worth the money. Have a look for the posters below.
Left - Athina Arsenis with some of the children from the north of Ithaca, who will be performing at Limnes in Platrithia on Wednesday night. Get along and support it if you can.

Friday 10th - More hot, hot days ahead for this month. Perfect Summer weather. No disappointments for those coming for sun and sea. The habors are busy with dinghies coming and going as people find their own little piece of paradise off the well beaten tracks around the island. There's always a little private cove somewhere, around some corner along Ithaki's coastline. Left - Frikes Bay.

Left - Nikki Holmes and Amanda Paterson are on Ithaca from Brisbane Australia. Amanda has been holidaying on the island since she was 9 years old and when here, stays in her family home in Platrithia in the north of Ithaca. Amanda is a journalist from Channel 9 running the popular national current affairs program 'A Current Affair' and this year is here to source stories for the book she is writing on the island. We know it will be a beautifully presented Coffee Table book with gorgeous photographs and stories, something missing from the bookshelves on our island thus far. Nikki (livewire Productions), who with Amanda, has been going around the island photographing our beautiful scenes and people, was Australia's first camera woman, a great achievement in an industry dominated by the male species up until then. I don't want to give away too much about this book, but for those who love Ithaca, who have visited here or who have roots here, will surely be thrilled to have this upcoming book in their collection.

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