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Please be aware that the Prefecture has been designated for insecticide spraying on the 19th and 20th of August at 5am. After much investigation, many questions and puzzled expressions on the faces of those who we thought would know exactly what is going on, we are really no wiser. We have been assured however, that there will be no aerial spraying for mosquitoes, but spot spraying in designated areas around the island. We have also been told that it was already done a couple of weeks ago also (I believe I mentioned seeing a council worker spraying the gutters in Vathy). If you object to this practice without former knowledge, then I guess start complaining to the Council, who will then be able to direct it to the prefecture heads in Kefalonia. I find it amazing that this had been organized and no one really knew anything about it. There is no such thing as a good insecticide and with so many people on the island right now and all the knowledge we have about pesticides, I would hazard a guess, it would not be a welcomed act.
August Saturday 11th - Almost to mid August already. Where's the time going? In a few days we'll have the Anoghi Panighiri and then the last big Panighiri of the season, Platrithia. It's not the end of Summer, Kathara Panighiri is also still to come, but it's more low key and it usually doesn't have a 'live' band.
Left - Kristalenia has been in Kioni Ithaki for 3 months this year. A long holiday for this Australian/Ithacan, but it's time for her to return to her family in Melbourne in the next couple of days, wishing Ithaki goodbye for another year.
While some choose to while away their late afternoon at the Kafenion, others decide it's the best time to head to the beach. Once the sun goes down behind the mountains and the seaside sits in shade, it isn't as hot and there's no chance of sunburn. Beaches usually aren't as crowded either, although today, many had the same idea and went for a late swim.
Above - Diving off Frikes pier. Ithaki's waters are pristine enough to swim straight from the pier. Crystal clear waters cooled by a mountain stream.
Left - Krouvoulia 2 beach.
As the sun disappears further behind Exoghi Mountain, the Ionian goes a darker shade of blue and green.
Just a reminder that the Farmers Market is on in Vathy Square this afternoon. Probably around 6.30pm, the stalls will begin to set up to sell their local produce and products.

Last night Exoghi had its annual community fundraiser dance and dinner in the village square. It's usually reserved for the locals of the village and relatives, but I was kindly invited to go along, not just to take photos, but to break some bread with this very generous and friendly community. Some pics will follow so check back later.

Left - This scene doesn't look like summer, but in the villages, Summer doesn't look like the beach. Tourism can come and go and inner Ithaki would not know the difference.

Annual Ag. Marina Church Fundraiser in Exoghi
Friday 10th August 2012

Each year the community of Exoghi gets together
to raise money for Ag. Marina church which stands
at the center of the village. Locals make food and
supply alcohol for all those with a relationship to
this most scenic mountain village.

I had the pleasure of being invited again this year
so as to share some photos with you all. Georgie Vasilopoulos gets center stage in the pic because
yesterday he celebrated his 8th birthday, also because he's such an intelligent and thoughtful
boy, he deserves to get those big blue eyes center stage.

For more pics CLICK HERE or on photo Left.

Sunday 12th - Last night I went to Vathy to take a few pics of the farmers market, but it ended up being such a full night, I took a few more than a few. Vathy Square, as Vathy generally, was absolutely buzzing with activity. Not only did the Farmers market colour it up, the Childrens Choir from Katakolo in the Peleponnese gave a wonderful performance of traditional song. What a talented lot. An excellent free night of entertainment.
As the sun began to set, the sky was active with lightning from a long way away. It was reported that it rained heavily from Corinth to Patra, and although reports say we may get some rain too, the skies just don't look like it.
It's Sunday, so I'm taking a few hours off to enjoy Ithaki myself. When I return to my desk, I'll get the photos of last night organized. It was such a big night, I just can't get away from doing another special for you all to enjoy. The Farmers market is on again this evening, so if you haven't been down, get along. You can pick yourself up some local produce and products, made on Ithaki by some of the fine people who live and work here.

Vathy @ Night
The Farmers Market & The Katakolo Choir

A really great night last night in Vathy. Lots happening, lots to see and hear, taste and buy.
For more pics Click Here or on photograph Left

Although it's been raining elsewhere in Greece and some reports say rain for our region also, nothing has eventuated yet today. The sun has been mostly shining and the cooler breezes have been a welcomed change after the sweltering heat over the past weeks. Some spectactular lightning in the distant skies last night, had some worried how today would turn out, but it's been fine. There are some heavy looking clouds moving quite quickly above us, so we'll see what happens tonight. Rain would be quite nice, but not convenient, so I'll wish for sunshine again tomorrow.
Tuesday 14th - Tonight it's the Anoghi Panighiri, so if you're on the island, head up to this mountain village to enjoy the festival. It's always a great time, especially in the traditional setting under the tower in the village Square.
Last night Frikes was buzzing as the high season brought many out into the streets to eat at one of the bayside restaurants, shop at the gift shops, eat ice-cream, parade down the promenade and then head to the bar where Big Wednesday was Big Monday due to the 2 Panighiri happening today in Anoghi and tomorrow at Platrithia. Fiorendino had a Pink party.
Left & Below - Gypsey musicians doing the rounds in Frikes, collecting coins from those willing to part with them.
Summer means long days at the beach and long nights around the bayside.
Left - Fiorendino Bar in Frikes, filling up for a party. Above - A Danae Kouvara painting. Below - Incoming Day Tripper from Lefkada.
Wednesday 15th - Firstly, Hronia Polla (Happy Name Day) to all the Maria's and Panoghiotides!
It's another fine summer day on Ithaca, blue skies, a little heat mist, crickets making a racket and hangovers from last night's panighiri, easing as the day goes on, ready for the next and last big festival of the summer Season, the Platrithia Panighiri tonight at Limnes (Just down the road from Yefuri for those of you who don't know where Limnes is). There's been quite a bit of controversy over this Panighiri, but we're not going to even worry about it, it's a festival and a festival is to be enjoyed, so let's just do that.

Anoghi Panighiri
Tuesday 14th August 2012

A successful Panighiri in Anoghi last night.
The night was a little cooler, but still mild
enough for everyone to have a really great time.

For more pics CLICK HERE or on photograph Left.

Tonight, we'll see you at Platrithia. Bring your dancing shoes and good cheer, and everything will be just fine.
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