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Above - Spavento Bar in Kioni is still one of the most popular cafe bars in the north of the island for music lovers who don't mind a few well mixed cocktails at night or good coffee and ice-cream during the day. Jenny has been Kioni's welcoming smile for many years. Bacon and eggs for breakfast sounds pretty good actually.

The day started out quite windy, but by lunchtime the wind had died down, and we were left with a very hot day again. It seemed everyone headed to the beach today.

Summertime in Greece

August Thursday 16th - Traditionally this is the time of the year that things slowly revert back to autumn and then winter, but there seem to be more people on the island this week than all other weeks so far. The island is absolutely brimming with visitors from all over the world. A much needed injection of hope during this time of the economic crisis.
Left & Below Left - Bayside restaurants, Rementzo and Penelope, the new kid on the block, quickly building a very solid reputation with local produce and recipes.
Above Left - The Day Tripper into Frikes is now bringing the motherloads. Full deck.
- Dodonis is The place for ice-cream in Frikes, but not only. They also serve some great snacks and desserts with a quiet atmosphere for those who wish to escape the bustle of the center bayside.
- The shady tree lined street leading out of Frikes toward Lahos.
Below Left
- Rementzo Restaurant in Frikes has built itself a popular reputation over the years.
What a busy busy week. Many late nights and full days. All of the summer season culminates during this time. The most people on the island, the most to do around the island.
A refreshing breeze blowing throughout today, keeping the swelter at bay for now.

Platrithia Panighiri

Wednesday 15th August 2012

Despite the split in the committee and a lesser attendance, Platrithia Panighiri was actually quite nice. Very reminiscent of the olden days when you didn't have to squeeze through hordes of people
and when simpler pleasures ruled. People seemed very enthusiastic about having a good time and it made it all the better because of this enthusiasm.

I don't have any facts about the split in the committee other than that there was one, with the splitting faction holding it's own gathering at Polis Beach beneath Stavros. I was thinking about
heading down to see what there was, but decided against it due the fact, I had not been invited.

For more pics CLICK HERE or on photograph Left.

Friday 17th - Another HOT day today and all the local weather experts who have been reading the weather via the moon and sea, tell it will be this way until the end of August. Excellent news for all the holidayers here. Left - Frikes Bay.
Above - Local jeweler of Amfritriti Gift Shop in Kioni, always has something special on offer if you're looking for gifts and jewellery.
Left - Music teacher, Mario and partner Enrica, are here from Rome. They were looking for a peaceful holiday and found exactly what they were looking for on our shores. They are pictured here with Nertil.
Below - Kostas from Avra Restaurant on the bayside in Kioni, uses his early morning to catch up on some paperwork.
Sunday 19th - The constant click of crickets from morning to night can become a little deafening at this time of the year, but it is the heralding call of Summer. There are so many people on the island over the past 2 weeks that it makes one wonder if there is really a crisis. Unfortunately, the population over the last two weeks should have been the population over the last two mnths. Most businesses are reporting a downturn for this summer.
Above Left - Afales Views
Left - Kolieri. This traditional village has over the last couple of years become a popular place to stay with villas such as Afales Villa Apartments and Homers View opening up. That Yefuri Restaurant in Platrithia and Homers School at Filitou are in walking distance, is a bonus. Kolieri has some wonderful views over Afales Bay.
Left & Above - Laertes Farm Fruit and Vegetable Market goes around the villages with its produce Summer and Winter, giving everyone the opportunity to shop even if they are elderly or unable to get to Stavros, where the shop is located. Dimitri from Laertes Farm who offers this service, knows it's a great help to the local restaurants who can be restocked with fresh produce on a daily basis.
Above Left - Gerty takes on the dishes after a busy day tripper afternoon.
Karen's face is best known from Fiorendino Bar in Frikes, where her husband to be? Peter, the lively brother of the Fiorendino Bar boys, spends most of his days and nights during the Summer. Karen and Peter will be married early in September in Stavros.
Left - Healthy people ride through Frikes.
- Don't be confused by the Greek to English translations on some signs. Although they may not always sound appealing ie 'spitted' there is nothing to worry about. Spitted here is not what you expect from a disgruntled waiter, but Meat or chicken on a Spit Roast.
Left - Although the gypsey musicians busking around restaurants and tables during the summer period can be a quaint experience, it's not always good. These two were 2 of the worst players I've ever heard and listening caused a fair amount of aural pain. I'm sure people paid them just to move on. Rien, the Dutch grillman, offered to pay them only if they played 'Smoke on the Water'.
Tuesday 21st - With 36C, it's off to the beach along with everyone else.
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