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August - Wednesday 22nd - Left - Ester van Zuylen, Ithaki artist and walking guide is currently holding an exhibition of some of her works at the local community space in Stavros (previously the old doctors surgery). The exhibition will go until the end of August, so get along and have a look. Opening times for the exhibtion are daily between 10am and 2pm and then again from 7pm - 10pm. For more pics, click on photo Left.
When it's this hot, there's not much you can do apart from find a cool spot or go to the beach, still there are people working through the heat all over Ithaki, be it at the tavernas, offices or building site. The hottest place of work, hands down, must be the Grill spot, where temps can reach around 50C over the hot coals that make our delicious souvlaki and pork chops. Best have a cold beer. Below - Night lights
Friday 24th - Left - It's not often I get up early enough to catch the sunrise, but when I do it's completely worth it. Yesterday morning I headed up to Anoghi to watch the sun come up from behind the Mainland mountains to reflect over the Ionian.
Summer life almost exclusively revolves around the water, whether it's swimming, boating or traveling around the islands.
Below Left - Taki from Stavros and Polis Beachboy, had a hair cutting party at Fiorendino a couple of nights ago where friends chopped off his signature bun and shaved off his slick sideburns as he gets ready to do his army duty, as do all young Greek men. Taki leaves his teenagehood behind as he heads off to do the army in September. When Samson had his hair cut off he lost his strength, but that doesn't seem to be the case for Taki. He's as strong as ever, and has even developed a deeper voice now his locks are off.
With temps licking 40C, the only thing we're looking for right now is somewhere cool to hang out.
Saturday 25th - This weekend the scorching hot temperatures are supposedly going to break with some cooler temps ahead. Everything is steaming all over the island, one of the cooler places to be being Frikes in the north of the island, where at night you can actually get cool enough to throw a scarf over your shoulders. This weekend is also touted to be the mass exodus by the holidayers, but I can't see it. For everyone that leaves, another visitor seems to be ready to take their place. Things are still pretty busy around the traps. Traditionally, our season carries well on into September, but with the crisis, no one is sure of anything, let alone how long our season will last this year. Below Left & Below - Patterns on the waters at Aetos in the south of Ithaca.
Left - The new look of tourism. Headphones for skype and an ipad for photographs to send across the world instantly (as long as there's wifi).
Left - Vathy town is not only steaming from the weather, but also from some heavy incoming traffic by visitors to the island. The harbourside looks so stunning with yachts dotted around the edges of the bay and all the colourful people walking around the streets.
Summer is
(not quite) over
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