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Above - The north Island school bus taking kids home after school. Below - Lots of fishing of the jetty going on in Frikes. Some of the small jetty hasn't made it through the winter this year. With the heavy winds, it's no wonder.
The views are so clear today, you can see right down to the mountains behind Patras and deep up north, where there have obviously been some heavy snow falls. The mountains are covered in snow.
January Sunday 1st - New Years Eve was cool and just settling after a rainy day, but that didn't stop parties from going on all around the island. Lots of food, lots of drink and lots of 'KEFI' (Good Cheer). ithacagreece.com wishes everyone a healthy, safe and prosperous 2012.
Ithaca woke to a beautifully sunny day today. A nice way to start the New Year. In Greece, New Years Day has more importance than Christmas Day, Traditionally this is the day families celebrate together with a big lunch.
Monday 2nd - What an amazing day. Makes you want to go out into the sunshine to enjoy it. Nights are obviously cold as seen Left - Snow on the mainland mountain tops. View from Apostolata down to Frikes Bay and beyond. Below - The burning off continues.
It's been a strange season this winter. Many almond trees still haven't lost all their leaves, there are bumble bees bumbling around and flowers growing in the fields. Up until a few weeks ago, the temps were still in the high teens and low twenties.
Friday 6th - Yesterday the skies were beginning to get a little heavy, but there were some sunny patches and the temperature was quite mild for this time of year also. Now that there are no canopes in the square, people are less inclined to sit around, but there were quite a few people in the streets of our capital. Most of them with bills to pay in their hands as more and more extra payments are sought by the government. Left - Platrithia with Lefkada mountain tops in the distance. Below Left - A morning in Vathy. A nice, warm and golden light fell onto the town as we headed toward midday. Below - Fishing at Forkys Bay near Dexa Beach.
Left and Below - More of Vathy and some of the views from around town.
The Epiphany celebrations were badly hindered this morning with some severe weather passing over Greece today. High winds, up to 10 B force, storms and heavy rain. Still a dedicated few, including the local priest, ventured out to take part in the sermons in Kioni, Frikes and Vathy. Left - We got along to Frikes, safely nestled behind a zoom lens and a warm car.
For more pics of Epiphany in Frikes, CLICK HERE or on photograph Left
Sunday 8th - Already through the first week of the New Year and it's only now beginning to feel like Winter. The temps have dropped quite a bit but over the past two days, there's also been warming sunshine again after the wild, very wild, weather two days ago. Below and Below Left - Mountains on the Mainland were covered in snow yesterday. Wonderful light.
Above Left - Lefkada mountain tops also had a spray of snow on the peaks, but it soon melted as the day went by. Left - Exoghi village taken from Stavros.
Today the skies are almost completely blue again, there's some wind and a chill, but overall a pretty good winters' day.
Monday 9th - Another great weather day today, but last night another storm passed over the island in the early hours, and I've never heard thunder as loud or lasted that long. The lightning cracked and with each crack, the power went out. Luckily it didn't stay out for us, but in Exoghi, each time the power gets cut by a storm it has to be manually reset. Below - some dramatic clouds in the sky today.
Above Left - Looking north across the Kefalonia Strait. Left - Looking south across the Kefalonia Strait. Below - The road between Stavros and Vathy.
Left - Vathy Bay. Below Left and Below - Anoghi Views.
Thursday 12th - Almost half way through January already. We 've been lucky enough to have lots of sunny days, but there have also been storms and lots of rain, not to mention a temperature drop that leaves no doubt in our minds, that this is winter, despite the blue skies.
Left - Stavros, looking across Platrithia toward the neighbouring northern island of Lefkada. Above - Ag. Sarantas.
Above - Afales Bay. Left - Mavrona with Ag. Nikolas church on the bay. Below Left - Kioni Bayside as seen from Raxi.
Left - Views across Mavrona just outside Kioni, toward Mainland Greece.
Left - Frikes jetty with a golden light falling onto the bay. Above - Kioni. Many of the old houses have been restored and reparied over the years.
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