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danae kouvara, painter, artist on ithaca island greece. Athens art.
Above - Danae Kouvara is the first artist to take advantage of the new
exhibition space in Stavros. The recently converted old doctors offices,
make an ideal space for the colourful and contemporary works of Danae Kouvara.

For more photographs Click Here or on Photog above.

On Saturday 28th we have a special performance by Pleiades vocal group who are honoring the Ionian with Song. They will be performing around the Odysseas Shrine in Vathy at 9pm if you want to get along. The vocal group will be touring around the Ionian islands from 27th July to 3rd August.
After the performance, you may also want to head up to the village of Perahori, which is having its annual wine festival. It's usually alot of fun (just like a panighiri) with lots of local wine, song and dance.

The heatwave seems to have been broken. It actually got quite chilly last night. Could have used more than a sheet. Today a cool breeze was blowing in the morning, but that's eased off now for a nice and comfortably warm day.

The events calendar has been updated for things coming up through the summer.
You can check it out here or see the full program in Greek and English by Clicking Here
As I know there are plenty who enjoy walking the tracks around Ithaki, you may like to know that at the community gallery space in Stavros, there is a donation box for those wanting to donate to clearing the many paths around the island.

Above - Lucky from Polis beach with Jessica from the Homeric Writers retreat share a 'hello' moment.
Yesterday while in Vathy we were doused by a pick up truck spraying insecticide through a hose the size of a fire hose. I couldn't believe that they had masks on and would spray with people around. Apparently this was private, but earlier I also saw someone spraying the footpath outside the Tax Office building with a smaller spot sprayer. With everything we know about the dangers of insecticides, this can go on in town? I'm horrified and quite sick today, being one of those people who are badly effected by chemicals.

July Wednesday 25th Continued - Looks like Ibiza was full so those that couldn't get in, came to Frikes instead. Yesterday some beautiful people landed on our humble shores to arrange their body parts so they were most appealing. At least 500 people came off the Day Tripper, most aptly named yesterday, as the beautiful people were tripping over themselves to be noticed.
Above Left - Anoghi Cafe. No bikinis or speedos in this village. Left - The quarry between Stavros and Anoghi. Trying to find something of beauty in everything can be difficult, but not impossible.
Thursday 26th - A busy night tonight with the Ag. Panteleimona festival at Filiatro in the south of Ithaca, starts about 7pm, and in Kioni with the Ithaki/Aussie connection who are having a get together at Avra restaurant on the bayside.
There was some relief from the heat yesterday with a fresher breeze blowing over us, and although it got quite windy at dusk, the wind didn't last long before we experienced another perfect summer's night.
At this stage I'm welling up with some political statements, but my husband has taped my fingers together so I can't type them out, and also, so I don't get anymore hate mail. Oh the trials of a 'loudmouth' ;) but but but... oh oh oh...
On 21st July, Nick Sikiotis brought Romantsa back to life with a nostalgic night of music and romance as it was back in the heyday when his father Arthur Sikiotis ran the outdoor nightclub from 1935 - 1970.
For a little history and more photographs
Click Here or on photograph Left
Left - The Frikes boys enjoy the last few minutes before the Day Tripper comes in with 400 heads to feed and refresh.
Above - Koochi coo. Don't you just love male bonding? Left - The Nidri Star. Modern Day pirates? Who said that! I know, I know, sarcasm is the lowest form of humour.
Friday 27th - The pre-occupation this week on Ithaki wasn't the economic crisis or the possibility of going back to the drachma, but the arrival and 1 week stay of the Tax department here from Corfu, who are supposedly leaving today. The tax crew seemed to have specific targets in mind as they worked their way around to all the establishments which had complaints against them. When I say complaints, it doesn't mean they were necessarily doing anything wrong, it just means that someone with a beef, decided to cut off someone else's leg instead of their own. (Seeing my legs/arms/brain doesn't work, I'll break someone elses so theirs don't work either.) It's petty jealousies that usually bring the tax department. Shame, shame, shame as a bearded Australian commentator used to say. Anyway, I'm sure the taxmen headed back to the office with enough dosh to keep their execs happy and satisfied that their trip to idyllic Ithaki was eventful as well as a pleasant interlude from a city office.

Saturday 28th - Now that we're almost at the end of July, it's very noticeable that without the Flotillas and yachters, we can usually count the number of visitors out and about on our 2 hands. People are here, but they're just not coming into the centers, eating out as much or sitting around the cafe as much. Vathy always looks a little busy when the yachts come in and just before they head back out, so does Frikes and Kioni, Day trippers help too, but once that's over, there's a very loud quiet.
Below - One of the modern day pirates off the Day Tripper which comes into Frikes.

Sunday 29th - Scorching days and humid nights. Just like Singapore. Sticky. Last night at 11pm the gauge read 27C in the north and 29C in the south. Everything is shimmering under a heat mirage. The crickets are really loud too. Sometimes so loud you get an auditory illusion that they are something completely different, like a helicopter, or crowds cheering.
Left - Van Dam is in da house! No, not muscle man van Dam, but reporter and photographer Michiel van Dam. Michiel has been retracing the steps of Odysseas, starting from Tripoli and ending here, where all good journeys home should end. Michiel is writing an article he has been commissioned to write for Dutch Magazine, Promotor. (www.promotor.nl) His journey and discovery was on a black motorbike, not a ship, but his journey too, wasn't without some difficulty as he followed behind Odysseas on his two wheeler. While Odysseas, on his return, fought to get back his Penelope, Michiel has to get back on his bike and fight summer traffic on the autobahns as he makes his way back to the Netherlands.
Left - Frikes Bay.
Below Left
- It was great to see lots of big yachts moored in Vathy last night. Just how it should look in Summer. The warm night also had people out and about in the streets, being too hot to be cooped up indoors.
Below - When you stay up late, there's another nice surprise waiting, a blood red moon going down behind Cephalonia.

Perahori Wine Festival 2012

Saturday 28th is the time that Perahori
celebrates it's annual wine festival with free local wine, dancing and food in the Perahori school grounds. I was surprised there weren't more
people, but it didn't matter, this festival always has a great atmosphere and is enhanced by the really wonderful people of Perahori. Kefi Kefi Kefi Galore!

For more photos of the Wine Festival in Perahori

Tuesday 31st - Last day of July. Tomorrow all the tourists will come... Probably not, but here's hoping.
It's hot. Fans, air-con, cold beers, cold coffee and hopefully a sea breeze at night to cool us down a little. Below Left - The unfortunate bi product of yachting.
Left - Makis Andrianatos with his first grandaughter, Valeria. Above - Newly weds, Jason and Brody have their last lunch on Ithaki before heading off to Italy. Below - Here's a good reason not to judge a book by its cover. Dean is probably one of the sweetest guys I've ever met, respectful, lives with his grandfather, well spoken, kind and considerate, yet most parents will drag their kids away from him because he looks like this.
Left - Ok, this image would make me move a little to the safer side too ;) so let's finish July with the image below.
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