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Virtual postcards of Greece. Ithaca Greece send a card online with photographs by Erika Bach from ithacagreece.com
Above - e-Thiaki virtual postcard. Just click on card to take you to the e-Thiaki website. It seems to be a big hit. Lots of you looking and sending just for fun. That's really great. Spread the word to your friends just how beautiful Ithaca is. Maybe we can get some movement if we all pull together.
Below - In Stavros, St. Elias Villa apartments offer affordable, clean accommodation with close proximity to the town center and less than a kilometer to Polis Beach.

June - Tuesday 5th - Another great day. Warm and sunny and feeling just like the beginning of Summer should feel. It's been a busy long weekend for many of the businesses around the island, and although there may be a little lull between now and the high season, people are feeling a little more hopeful as to how the season will progress. As everyone is aware, Greece may be in economic and political crisis, but the sun and the great Greek weather isn't suffering any deficit. The people who are suffering, are those who have fallen in between the cracks while political parties concentrate more on putting the other side down rather than focusing and resolving the unbelievably high unemployment rate and the alarmingly high suicide rate, which incidentally has risen by 40% over the last few months... Sometimes it does feel better to bury your head in the sand, but eventually that too will suffocate you. Hold your breath as we forget about the rest of the world and just think about our Ithaki.

Above - Peter from Fiorendino Bar in Frikes with his partner Karen. They'll be getting married Greek style in September on Ithaca. I'll go to the wedding as long as they promise NOT to play 'The Land Downunder'. Left - Just an amazing sky as the sunset last night. It's that time of the year when we do get some amazing coloured skies as the sun goes down on Ithaca.
Wednesday 6th - After the long weekend, we all became accustomed to seeing lots of people around. Quite a few disappeared on Tuesday, but hopefully as we head toward mid June and then July and August, Ithaca will get what it needs in terms of tourism. Above Left - Anoghi before the clouds moved in.
Thursday 7th - A little chilly and mostly cloudy yesterday, but today the temps are moving right up to the high 20's. Left & Below - Kioni.
Kioni seems to be doing quite well this early in the Season. It may be that the yachts banned by their company for 2 weeks from going into Frikes due to misbehavior, are going into Kioni instead, but who knows. The summer season is always full of surprises.
Above and Below - Spavento Cafe Bar in Kioni was looking very pretty yesterday with fresh flowers hanging from baskets at the front door.
Left - Niki and Sakis from the Stavros bakery have spread their wings to include Kioni in their business. The new bakery is located where the gift shop was opposite the mini market. It's very new and shiny and full of goodies.
Left - Frikes bay. Yesterday afternoon Kioni may have won the most people stakes in the north, but Frikes was looking like it may challenge the village with lots of yachts coming in later in the afternoon.
Friday 8th - A political debate turned into a fist punch on national tv yesterday as the usually loud and lively intercourse between competitors turned very sour. A male candidate for the extreme right party first threw a glass of water over the female SYRIZA member before turning on another female opponent and punching her in the face a few times. He was locked in a room while the police were called, but during the wait, he broke through the door and escaped. Extreme right member on the run. Turn left....
Thought we'd hit some of the back streets of Vathy yesterday morning to see what's new and what's the same. Above Left - The new butcher shop is doing very well despite the location move. State of the art butchery now in Vathy.
Not much going on around the island. Everyone seems very chilled and ready for whatever will be. There's not much else to do except stay positive and make the most of what we do have on the island.
A Primary school excursion made for some colourful action on Dexa Beach yesterday morning. Dexa beach is a blue ribbon beach, well known for its clear blue waters and shady olive trees to sit under.
Another fine day expected today with temperatures steadily rising. Yesterday, the skies were blue, as were seas. Everyone I've spoken to seems to be taking the political and economical unrest in their stride. Not only has Greece been given some bad publicity, but so have the Greeks. Don't believe everything you read. There are good and bad people everywhere, but I can tell you completely factually, that here on Ithaca, you'll find many more good people than bad. We've all heard stories that people have been canceling their holidays for fear of disruption, violence or getting stranded... well, you're much more likely to run into those things in the cities you live. Here the biggest fear would be gaining a few kilos|pounds from eating all that delicious food and drinking too much local wine. You may also begin to lose track of time and date as you fall into the lull of bliss that many who visit Ithaca succumb to. You may also find yourself smiling too much, making your face muscles hurt. Being on holiday on Ithaca could actually dent your business exterior into something that looks more like a person on holiday. Greece, despite any of its faults, is still one of the best places to holiday, so put that daily newspaper down, leave the speculation to those who think it's actually important and get to your travel agent. Despite the economy, we have the sun and we have the sea, and they as far as I know, have not been put on the stock market so chances are, they will be here when you come.
Left - Stavros. It's that time of the year when gypsies load up there 4 wheel drives and head around the islands selling their wares. They have everything AND the kitchen sink.
Saturday 9th - It's been kind of quiet this past week, not much going on, no new notices up on the village bulletin boards, no thrilling news to report other than that there is no thrilling news to report. I can say that the temps are going up and up and that means regular swimming for the locals and those very, very lucky visitors who despite all the bad Greek publicity, have come to enjoy their time in the sun.
I've decided I'll be putting up those wonderful ithacagreece.com sponsors who need as much publicity and exposure as they can get for their businesses. On Facebook we're starting with A and here on ithacagreece.com, we'll start with the opposite end of the alphabet.
There has to be a time when any word starting with Z becomes No. 1. Today it's Zois Taverna in Vathy. Local Grill and restaurant with reasonable prices, bayside seating in summer and a deliscious grill.
Next up we go to a taverna and pizzeria in Stavros. Yiannis Taverna has been a tradition with locals and visitors for many years. Dorothea cooks up home style dishes and makes an Ithaki special pizza.
Yellow House in Vathy is one of those precious traditional homes for your holiday accommodation. Large and spacious, clean and renovated, this accommodation has an expansive view of Vathy Bay and a swimming pool for convenience.
Each and everyone friendly and obliging. You take no unwarranted chances when you choose a holiday on Ithaca. If you like a family friendly island, then come on over.
Sunday 10th - Around 30 degrees yesterday had everyone feeling the summer vibe. It's really noticeable however, that on the weekends, without Flotillas coming into the bays around the island, that it's very, very quiet on Ithaca. Left - Arthur, Stathi and Niko while away some time in Frikes.
Above - Statue in Anoghi Square. Left - Yiannis Taverna in Stavros. Below - Anoghi.
Left - Anoghi old house. Above - Ode to the sea. A plaque in Anoghi.
Above - A car in Anoghi charges up on solar cells under a tree. Below Left - The Anoghi Cafe. Not much tourist traffic ends up in Anoghi generally, but right now with hardly anyone on the island, there was no a soul in this mountain village.
There's always a stunning light in the afternoon when the sun sits a little lower in the sky. Continuing with supporting Ithacan Business we go into the X-factor. Below - Villa Xagnado in Perahori
Below - Sunset Cafe in Stavros has a great view over Polis Bay and offers a quiet corner to contemplate.
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