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Exhibition in Vathy

I'm always excited when Klara Koitler has an exhibition of her art. She is a brilliant artist who has been living and working on Ithaki for many, many years. Her work induces emotion and deep thought, but is also instantly and aestetically pleasing sometimes. Whether raw emotions or just a great piece to hang on your wall, you will be delighted by her work. The exhibition runs from May until 21st of September 2012 at the Pinakothiki (opposite the KEP offices. The Green building) in Vathy. Head along and have a look. I'm certain you won't be disappointed.
Supporting Ithacan Business and Talent
Wednesday 13th - Below - The Ithaki Dance Group have arrived back after a small Italian tour. From all reports it was a great success and the group had an amazing time. It's wonderful to see that tradition can be kept so vibrant and alive on Ithaca, but it's inspiring to see it travelling around, spreading the word for the rest of the world to enjoy too.
You can now book your ferry tickets from Patras to ithaca online at Strintzis. Finally, what visitors to Ithaca have been waiting for, has arrived.
How to Get There

June Monday 11th - Things are definitely hotting up her on the island as far as the weather is concerned. Everyone is now talking beach, beach, beach. When I say everyone, I mean the few that are here to enjoy the island. It's quiet and down from other years. We're lucky on Ithaca that it doesn't have a huge impact, but on other islands, the decrease in tourist numbers is devastating. Ithaca has a boutique type of tourism that seems, on the whole, to be able to withstand the downturn trend in tourism. We may be a bit more quiet here on Ithaki, but the attitude seems to be that everyone keeps their heads down and does their best anyway. Those that haven't believed the bad publicity about Greece, that have come regardless, haven't been disappointed. Once you fall in love with Ithaca, come hell or high water, nothing can change your mind.

ithaca has always been an island that attracts 2nd and 3rd generation ithacans to come back, whether to visit regularly or to settle here, but it also attracts some very talented people. Above - Melina Raft. Melina falls into both camps. She's a 2nd generation Ithacan from Australia, although she lives elsewhere, who comes back to ithaca as much as she can. Melina is also a very talented fashion designer. We will be doing a special on her, her talents and the talents of her family, who have their roots in the Frikes area of Ithaki, and who are all talented in one way or another. If you've been on the island lately, you may have noticed the T-shirts 'I Am Ithacan' these are one of Melina's side lines which are becoming very popular, not only with Ithacans, but with Ithacans at heart. In the Special (coming soon) we'll cover her wonderful fashion collection, her designs and much much more. Stay tuned.

Continuing with our promotions of businesses on ithaca we hope you will support them by a visit. Next is Spilia Villa Apartments in Stavros. These traditionally influenced but modern apartments have a wonderful view down onto Polis Bay.

Rhiannon Cottage is a holiday accommodation located in Lahos. The traditional cottage is spacious and bright with a large garden.

Razos Windmill is a converted Windmill made into a holiday accommodation. Stunning views over Dexa beach and Forkis bay.

Spavento Cafe and Music bar is a Kioni icon and tradition. Many visitors to Ithaki have spent time there, enjoying the drinks, snacks, music and chats.

Raggadia House in Perahori is a recent addition to ithacagreece.com Accommodation. It's a family run accommodation with a view that spans the horizon. Very reasonable rates and very friendly hosts.

Rementzo Restaurant in Frikes, probably doesn't need any publicity. It often gets a mention here on the site purely because they allow me to take lots of pics of them, still it's a worthwhile restaurant that has built a very fine reputation over the years.

Porto Thiaki Hotel is a northern has been the mainstay of accommodation in Stavros for many years. Always a reliable hotel at which you can book from as little as 1 night. Friendly hosts and close to everything.

Panorama Apartments just outside the northern village of Kioni have undeniably, one of the best views over the sea. Clean and spacious apartments with private parking and only minutes walk to the beach.

Promoting businesses on ithaca in the daily updates such as here and on Facebook are not paid adverts, but simply a way to promote the businesses and thank them for sticking with ithacagreece.com, even during this crisis. They don't even know I'm doing this. I hope you too will support Ithacan business, and especially the businesses that support ithacagreece.com.

Left - Frikes Bay. It's a pleasure sitting out on the bayside again with such wonderful warm weather. It's only going to get even better from here on.

Tuesday 12th - In the north of Ithaca, for most of the day, there were very few people around, then at night, people came out of nowhere (from their huge catamarans actually) to take up many seats in most of the restaurants in Frikes at least. Below Left - Ag. Ioannis has a wonderful coastline and views across to Cephalonia.

Over the next few days we'll be continuing through the alphabet of Ithacan businesses. Visit their sites, write them an email, share their businesses through whatever social media is available to you. With everything pointing to the negative, let's try to move something forward into the positive. Today we continue with businesses beginning with O. Ourania Apartments are a family run accommodation in Stavros with wonderful views over the town and down to Polis beach.

Above - Onar Seaside Apartments are situated directly on Dexa Beach. Well presented, bright apartments with the seaside as your garden. Close to Vathy central and right on the water. What more could you want.

Pantopoleion mini market in Kioni has been a stable institution for many, many years. Whether catering for locals, visitors or yachters. It's a one stop shop that caters for most of your needs in regard to food. Aleka is your friendly proprietor. She knows Kioni better than anyone.

Plyphemus Garden Restaurant in Stavros has gained itself quite a reputation over the years. It's become that very special dinner when you first arrive or just before you depart. Polyphemus is not only for the special occasions, but also for your every day. Wonderfully peaceful garden surrounds with friendly staff, serving up its special Greek Kitchen.

Ok, so my alphabet is a little mixed up tonight, but I am staying within the area. Can't forget about Supermarket Odysseas. It's the mainstay of Stavros. You can get all your supermarket needs here and a little for the kitchen.

Below - Pipperatou in Frikes is the affordable way to eat while on holiday. Quick and satisfying Greek Grill to take away or to eat in. Pipperatou may not be directly on the bayside, but that too has its benefits, especially during the summer rush.

There are so many people working behind the scenes so that visitors can enjoy their time on Ithaca. Many you never hear about. Catherine Andrews Rombotis, one of Ithaki's talented painters for instance, is busy making signs for the walking tracks around the north of the island, putting down her art for the moment to make sure the walkers around Ithaki don't get lost on their tours of discovery. Catherine had a very successful art exhibition a few years ago and we are looking forward to seeing more from her in the near future.
With so much talk about politics, economics, crisis, crisis, crisis, euro-drachma, right-left... it's easy to forget that people are still doing what they have always done, work toward the future, be in uncertain or not.
Left - Catherine Andrews Rombotis - Ithakiart. You can contact her through Facebook for more information on her paintings. Click Here

In other news, seems some restaurants are either closed for the season or not opening up until later. Paliocaravo (Gregory's) a popular restaurant on the bayside of Vathy hasn't opened up yet, and rumours have it that it may not open this season. If that's the case, there will be many disappointed faces around Vathy.
With the high season on our doorstep, the parking has been organized, especially in Vathy. Parking for mopeds and bikes and of course the dreaded yellow lines that incur big fines and more, so careful where you park. It's a good idea for any time of the year, but especially in summer. At the moment, not much attention is being paid to the regulations, but once the fines start, people will take it more seriously of course. Left - View from Apostolata down to Frikes Bay.

We've been going through the alphabet on ithacagreece.com in our drive to support Ithacan business. I missed a couple and have turned the order upside down a bit. We start today with a couple from S.
Sea Taxi is not just when you get stranded, but also if you want to pop over to Lefkada or Cephalonia for the day and the ferry timetable just doesn't suit.

The Stavros pharmacy is not just a pick up for drugs, but a reliable source of medical information when you're in need of some advice. Andronikos is fully qualified to advise on what the best medical solution or pharmaceutical solution may be. You can also get all your toiletry needs and cosmetic needs looked after too.

O Nikos Taverna in Vathy is a popular choice for the visitors that choose the south of the island as their playground while on Ithaca. It's located in the back street, but has so much atmosphere and such friendly hosts, that no even notices that the taverna isn't on the bayside.

The Nostos Hotel in Frikes is a family favourite, but not only, it's also the place where art groups and walking groups choose to stay when in the north of the island. A family run hotel with a very popular swimming pool which is also open to the public and a dining room that serves appetizing meals.

It is really noticeable over the last 2 days that there are quite a few more people around. Yesterday in the north and in the south, the streets were busy at night and restaurant cutlery was echoing around the streets. Alot of yachts in all the ports. Vathy of course, has the super yachts, but it seems most of them are deciding to eat on board. Supermarkets are obviously doing well. Left - Kantouni Taverna. This is where Stathi the music man from Frikes is hanging his hat over the past couple of years while others endeavour to run his previous restaurant, Penelopes in Frikes, where he used to dance customers to their tables.
Thursday 14th - Another brilliant day yesterday with more to come. When you can sit down in Frikes without a jacket, you know it's summer. When the temperature rises in the car the moment you drive into Vathy, you know it's summer... Left - Raxi, above Mavrona Bay with the 'end of the day' light shining on it.
So, I just can't help myself. I have to say something about the political masturbation that's going on right now. Shut up! and do! Who cares who has a bigger whatsit, what people care about is that their government, no matter who it is, has their best interests at heart. About time someone showed something that resembled human kindness and thought about the big picture instead of the ballot! People forget they have power, even during this period of our lives where economics rules the world. I'm not a communist, I couldn't even tell you if I'm left or right, I abhore greed, but I do believe if you work hard you should benefit from it, as long as it doesn't push someone elses face into the dirt. Cough cough - excuse me while I spit the mud from my mouth. We live in uncertain times and it's easy to believe we have no control. We have always been sheep, but without the sheep you can't eat lamb so without being too cryptic, our power lies in how, and with whom we spend our money or if we even spend it for that matter. Choose the world you want to live in by spending your money on the companies etc that promote that world. That's where our power lies. Governments are just bookeepers and they will always disappoint us, no matter what good intentions they may have, so maybe we should just be realistic and not expect perfection from an imperfect object. They come and go. We give, they get, they give, we get. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. What's important now is that someone is in charge of the books. There'll be mistakes made no matter who it is, some people will get, some will lose, but the alternative is what? No government? Chaos? The drachma? More years of uncertainty? We can't all have the government we want, but until there's another solution, we have to do with what we get and vote for and take our control in the choices we make on who we support in the business and banking worlds, by determining where our hard earned money goes. We can make a choice that secures our future and the future of our children, by being smarter than the shepherds. (Sorry folks, I know this isn't very holiday friendly, but I can't just keep having the news spout at me. Sometimes I have to spout back).

Now back to supporting Ithacan business. We're up to the letter M. Mazourka is private estate at the edge of Stavros with a big swimming pool for convenience and a large private ground. Reasonable rates for quality accommodation.

Mylos Creperie on the bayside of Vathy has been the place for great deserts, drinks and music for some years. It's open most of the year around and offers a comfortable atmosphere and some fun parties and occasional music nights.

Margarita Cafe in Stavros has been a northern favourite hang out for many years. Makis and Maria and family have always given friendly and special attention to all their customers whether you just have a coffee or a big wonderful dessert like Rovani and ice-cream.

Mana Korina Daily Cruises is based in Vathy. It's specialty is Weddings and what a special way to travel to the reception. Just lovely!

The Gods Gift shop in Frikes has t-shirts and gifts from Ithaca and around Greece on offer. Good things come in small packages. It's also the place to buy the I Am Ithacan T-shirts.

Lythari Apartments in Kioni have a stunning view over the bayside to the windmills. Clean traditional apartments.

Lykithes are 3 accommodations in Vathy, Christina apartments, Respomvi House and Lykithes apartments. Family run accommodation at various budgets.

Lourantos Apartments in Vathy offer 3 locations. One large apartment on the bayside, 2 apartments just off the bayside and a set of apartments one street behind the bayside. Reasonable prices and a very friendly and obliging host.

Lefki Cottages in Lefki, offer a unique and traditional holiday stay. Lefki offers stunning sunsets and the cottages are delightful.


Left - Lucky is back to run his Polis Beach sun lounges and umbrellas. Over the years he's become a Polis Beach institution. Everyone knows Lucky. Back in April he married the lovely Maria, who unfortunately couldn't come to Ithaki this year, but Peter from Fiorendino Bar in Frikes, will make sure that Lucky doesn't get too lonely and eats a little pizza once in awhile.
Do you know what's wrong with this picture?

I'm trying my best to put up all the businesses and link their promos to their websites, If you see I've forgotten a link, or a business, please don't hesitate to contact me. It will have been an accidental oversight and I will correct it. Thanks :)

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