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The trouble with a little too much to drink is getting into a dingy and back on the yacht, especially when the ropes don't reach the jetty.
June Thursday 28th - Thought I could get away with 6 pages in June, but there's still so much ahead, even though there's only a few days left of the month that there is no other option but page 7. Here we go.
Left - Catherine Andrews Rombotis is one of ithaki's talented artists. Catherine has been busy painting signs for walking paths, but hopes to have another exhibition of her art (ithacan paintings) soon.
- Seems as men get older, their swimming costumes get smaller and their cars get bigger. Enlighten me. Is there a reason for this? We get to see all kinds walking along our main streets.
Left - It doesn't matter if you're Ithacan born or Ithacan at heart. When you feel you are Ithacan, it goes deeper than the skin. Melina & Marianne Raft have their 'I Am Ithacan' T-shirt line exclusively at The Gods Gift shop in Frikes for all of you who feel emotionally tied to our wonderful island.
Below - Athina Arseni, daughter of Spyros Arsenis, both talented musicians, has organized a Children's Theater Camp in July. What a great holiday idea, not only for local children, but for all. I am certain that there will be English for anyone interested. See posters below. Athina has organized one for the south and one for the north. No one has to miss out.
Left - Now that Summer time is upon us, the bulletin boards around Ithaca are being filled with events and info again. This is the island's primary source of information, so take a moment to look at them as you pass them by. You never know what you can miss out on if you don't take a quick look.
Above Left - Chani Cafe Bar and Restaurant, undoubtedly have one of the most romantic locations on the island. The restaurants double water views extend from the Kefalonia Strait toward Cephalonia on one side and toward the Bay of Vathy on the other side. Gerasimoula has made herself a great reputation also for her functions like weddings and baptisms. You don't need to have anything big planned however, as you can just stop by for some refreshments too.
Left - Libretto Trattoria in Vathy. Ithaca has more choice than ever before in the culinary arena. You have your traditional tavernas on the bayside, and in recent times, wonderful little restaurants that offer something a little different on the menu. A pleasure, not just for the locals, but also for visitors to Ithaca Greece. I am so excited about Libretto. I love my pasta and when I discovered that Libretto's pasta is freshly hand-made, well... can't wait to have a night for dinner there. I am also looking forward to their version of some Greek dishes also. Libretto is joining ithacagreece.com (hopefully will have it up today) and can be found behind the Council building in Vathy. (The building with the clock tower). If you click on pic Left - you can see Libretto's website to get a better idea.

Now from something really wonderful to something very distressing. Over this past week, an elderly local woman from Kalivia, was mauled by a viscous sheep dog in her area. She had complained about the dangers posed by this dog and other dogs belonging to this shepherd in previous years, but nothing was done. I believe it's not just a matter of putting down the dog, but in the long term, all dogs that are mistreated and fed raw meat, have the propensity to be viscous and dangerous. it really is down to the owners. There should be consequences. Maybe this is something that can be undertaken by our Council or even Argos Foundation. Education and consequences to owners who treat their dogs like dogs. Meanwhile, if you do head to the Kalivia area. Take a big stick and have your wits about you. This shepherd's dogs have attacked others in the past. This is not the first time, but I would like it to be the last.

Left - Vathy's venetian bell tower as you head toward Kanelata area.

Friday 29th - Beautiful days and nights during this Summer Season. Whether you are in the south or in the north, the weather is fine with blue skies, some refreshing breezes and everyone in the holiday mood. Can't really get much better for those holidaying on Ithaki Island.
ithacagreece.com is having a little competition. Here's what to do. It's very simple. If you know where the photo left & below are taken, you will win a free I Am Ithacan T-shirt designed by Melina & Marianne Raft . T-shirts come in large, medium and small and 2 colours, white and yellow. How familiar are you with your surroundings? Let's see. 1 Clue. It's in the north of Ithaca.
Send in your answers to enquiries@ithacagreece.com
Above - Ivory is here from the UK to enjoy a long summer on Ithaki. Left - Lilia is a Perahori local who was first introduced to the island via Ross Holidays. She loved it so much she stayed and made Ithaki her home. Below - Mark is well known around the traps in Vathy, he is also a Perahori local working for Greek Islands. He always goes above and beyond what is expected from a rep. An informative point of information on Ithaca for visitors who are here for the first time.
Saturday 30th - Are you excited? I'm excited! It's Frikes Panighiri time. Dancing, drinking, eating and waking up with a hangover. I'm ready. My water bottle is filled.
Above Left - Frikes Bay. When the wind blows a certain way, we get aqua waters. It happens at Afales too some days and it always looks brilliant.
Left - Frikes Bay Suites in Frikes are lucky enough to have Dodoni's beneath. A quickstep to the ice-cream and the espresso can't be bad. Great views across the other side of Frikes bay too.
Above Left - I wonder why these two are so happy... Could it be they will be getting married very shortly, and here on Ithaki too? As I've mentioned before, I have been fortunate enough to have been invited to take some pics to share with you all. The little church in Ag. Sarantas is a perfect venue.
Left - Kioni on the old road overlooking the bay toward to windmills.
Above - Almonds straight from the tree. Crack and eat. Soon it will be grape time too, usually around August. Most people make wine from their grapes, but there are some varieties delicious enough to eat too.
Left - More of Kioni, looking up toward Raxi area.
Above - Villa Sunset is one of the businesses who recently joined ithacagreece.com, so I thought let's include them in the push we did for Ithacan businesses a couple of weeks ago. Villa sunset is a cottage with great views and reasonable prices.
Above - Grivas View Studios is also new on ithacagreece.com. This accommodation is located in Vathy and has expansive views across the bayside and also up to Perahori. Friendly hosts with a knack to take really good care of you. Again, very reasonable prices and clean, spacious accommodation. Grivas View Studios are also known around town as Gerasimos Grivas Studios.
Left - Yesterday was the Name Day for Petros. Hronia Polla for yesterday to all the Petros's around the world.
Above - Libretto Trattoria opened its doors for the first time this year in May. It's specialty is home-made pasta, but the restaurant also has tastes from Greece. Libretto has a warm and stylishly understated atmosphere that makes you feel immediately comfortable whether you choose to sit in the courtyard or inside. Ithaca is moving up the scale with restaurants such as these. Very impressive.
Below Left - There's just something about the sun shining on a bunch of grapes that encapsulates summer for me. When my family first emigrated to Australia from Germany, my father and brothers took on work picking grapes in Bonegilla. It was dry and hot and the grapes were sweet. Now, since living in Greece, I get the same nostalgic feeling every time I see a bunch of grapes reflect the sun. I'm smiling like a 9 year old :)
After almost a week of not getting out before dusk, it was nice to see blue skies and blue seas again to share with you. Golden light is beautiful, but it's summer now and we all want to see that gorgeous blue sky and sea we have all around our beautiful little island.
There have been so many deterrents to coming to Greece from the media (and some overseas travel agents) that I just want to say again, Ithaki is safe and still how it has always been. If you loved coming here, or if you thought you might make this the destination of your summer holiday this year, then you won't be disappointed. People are friendly and you just can't beat the weather. No matter how the media portrays Greece, the weather and the way of life, just can't be dampened. The only way you'll know for sure is coming here.
Below Left - Kioni, Agalio region. It has some wonderful lush views from up there.
Had a little more time to take photos yesterday. Now, onto the Panighiri. Let's have fun folks. Call me over if you want a pic :)
That's it for June
onto July
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