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Wednesday 7th - It's that time of year again. After months of rehearsals, the Ithaki Theatre Group, Forkis, under the direction of Pericles Vassilopoulos will perform the play 'A Tale with no Name' at the Cultural Center in Vathy on the 9th, 10th and 11th of March. Doors open 21.00 hr. This James Kambinellis play is about people claiming back land, dignity and hope after the bankruptcy of not only finance, but spirit, post war 1897. A timely tale to be told again during Greece's current battle with finances, hope and dignity.

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Above - Afales. Always a good view no matter from which perspective you take it. Right - You know we're through the worst of winter when the bayside village of Frikes comes to life again.
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March Nature is beginning to show us a little Spring now as we start March 2012. Yesterday, after another few days of rain, the sky began to open up and show us a little blue as the afternoon ticked by. Apparently there is more rain to come, but let's just wait and see. Left - Lahos, blooming and green. Below - The shady side of Kioni. Come afternoon one side of the bay is warmed in the golden glow of the sun, the other in a deep shade of cool.
Left - Frikes. Although it's been battered over this winter, it still polishes up ok when the sun comes out. Below - Frikes has a river. With all the rain, there's water running down the channel that follows the road into the village.
Saturday 3rd - Gorgeous day today. The sun is out, it's warm (first day without a coat), but there is more rain ahead. Left & Below - Views from the road from Marathia to Vathy.
Above - Kanelata, just outside of Vathy toward Filiatro. Wild flowers are exploding in the fields all over the place now. Ithaca is going to be a wonderland again very soon. It IS Spring afterall.
Monday 5th - More rain today and massive thunderstorms from the early hours of the morning. Each time lightning strikes, the power cuts out. What valuable appliances will be lost today?
Sunday 11th - Last night I got along to the latest production of the Forkis Theatre Group (Ithaca own theatre) at the Cultural center in Vathy for their performance of 'The Tale with No Name'. It was excellent! The group has bulged to include extras and more new talent along with our already well respected acting crew. If you read this in time and you're on the island, I advise you to head along tonight, the last night to see what all the fuss is about. The island is absolutely buzzing with the performance of this wonderful and timely play.
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Another gloomy day today with occasional strong gusts of wind and rain. Forecast is for high winds tomorrow, so the ferry may not be going, best check with the travel agents if you're planning to travel.
Tuesday 13th - The wind was roaring last night, but despite it, we did wake to a blue-sky and windless day. The blue sky didn't last too long, by lunchtime, it was becoming overcast again, but I did get out just in time to take a few pics before the colours dulled.
Above - Lahos. Although the streets were more than quiet in Stavros at midday, in Frikes, Nektarios and crew put their working boots on to get Rementzo Restaurant ready for the season. Yes, it's that time of year again. Slowly all business owners will be getting out and tweaking their shops to get them ready for Summer. Left - Platrithias. Below - Nektarios and Rien.
Above - Makis and Maria from Margarita Cafe in Stavros, take their daily walk with 'mans best friend' through Platrithia. Left - Frikes Bayside.

Childrens Cinema Programme for March.

17 & 18/03/2012 - EGO The APAISIOTATOS

24 & 25/03/2012 - GATOS SPIROUNATOS

31/03 & 01/04 /2012 - KUNG FU PANDA II

SATURDAY & SUNDAY TIME 6:30 p.m. General Admission 4,00 €

Thursday 15th - A beautiful start to the day. Top of 18C, almost swimming weather, but by midday it did become increasingly cloudy and overcast again. The milder temperature is a relief from the chill of winter and that's at least something to be happy about. Left - Stavros, still sleepy during this time of year, unless you catch the early birds shopping. Below - Kassiani, who sadly passed away not too long ago, left her taverna (Fatouras in Stavros) as a legacy. It has always been a fave for visitors to the island when wanting something traditional. I believe it will be open again this year.
Left - View to Pilakata. You wouldn't be blamed for thinking this was Tuscany, but it is really Ithaca. One of the oldest areas of the island with archaeological significance.
Saturday 17th - Left - Kioni Bay under a brilliant blue sky yesterday. Spring flowers popping up everywhere and the waters, looking much calmer. I'm sure we'll have some rainy days yet, but yesterday gave us all a little Spring in our walk. Below - Kioni hillside.
Above - Piso Aetos. Below - Vathy, near the high school.
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