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March - Saturday 17th continued - Above - Vathy Bay. Left - More Kioni views - Agalio area. Below - Vathy lanes.
Left - Kioni bayside is changing. Avra restaurant is getting a second floor. Now, I don't know if it will be a continuation of Avra, a new bar or restaurant or a private accommodation, but one thing is for sure, The view this balcony will have is enviable. Vathys Venetian Bell Tower.
Above & Below - Now there may not be agreement that Piso Aetos should be Ithacas main port, but everyone is in agreement that if Piso Aetos IS the main port then it needs a major make-over. Work is continuing to expand and improve access to this area. Left - Aetos Bay.
Left - Vathy Bay. The yachtclub on the water. What a great day for it.
Above - How much for a new port - only a mere 6,970,000 euro. A drop in the ocean (or in this case, Piso Aetos Bay). Left - Vathy with Perahori village above.
The past few days have been a busy time for Argos (Ithakis Cat Foundation) with this years' vet coming to neuter strays and generally keep the cat population of the island, pets and strays, healthy. These people don't get much of a pat on the back for doing this work, but they do deserve one. It's not easy collecting strays from around the island, but Argos dedicates itself to keeping the cat population down in humane ways.
Sunday 18th - Another brilliant day today. Warm and sunny. Days like this make you appreciate smelling the daisies. Left - Ag. Barbara church stands above Stavros in the Ag. Barbara area. If you want to see some movement around this church, visit for videos. Below - Bell tower Ag. Barabara. Below Below - View from Stavros across to Pilikata.
Left - A local shepherd takes his sheep to graze. Below Left - Ag. Sarantas.
Above - Poppy from Rementzo restaurant in Frikes enjoys Sunday morning at Spavento Bar and Kioni playground. Left - A Kioni field. Wild flowers are blooming all over the island now.
Left - Jenny from Spavento Bar in Kioni. Spavento is still a favourite for the northern locals when it comes to Sunday morning coffee. For many it's an unbeatable winter ritual. Below - The Homeric Writers Retreat. For those interested in the literary, this sounds very exciting. Click on Photo below for all the information, or

The Homeric Writers' Retreat & Workshop on the Greek Isle of Ithaca, hosted by Chuck Sambuchino of Writer's Digest, & award-winning author & poet, Jessica Bell: August 2 - 8, 2012.

Tuesday 20th - Left - Lefki. There's always a brilliant golden light that falls over Lefki just before sunset. It's the last place on the island with sunshine long after all the other villages have gone dark from impending night. Below - A blossoming tree amongst the olive grove. in Ag. Sarantas.
Above & Below - Sunset over Afales Bay. No tricks, filters or Adobe photoshop, just brilliant natural colours and light.
Left - Sunset over Polis Bay beneath the village of Stavros. Below Below Left - Afales Bay with the island of Lefkada, further north, beyond.
Wednesday 21st - Gorgeous days lately. Brilliantly sunny and warm, conducive to finally getting out and about again. The ferry workers strike finished last night. Ferries are running normally again today. Lawyers however, began a 48 hour strike which started yesterday.
Now that the low clouds have lifted, it's a good time to head back up to the mountain village of Anoghi. Wild flowers are blooming everywhere. The roadsides look magical.
Locals are coming out of hibernation now that the weather is looking up again. Many people in the street today, enjoying the sunshine and a little social interraction. Left - Stavros Square.
Above - Spiros Arsenis (once Mayor of Ithaca) along for the ride with a school excursion group in the north from Vathy. Spiros is involved with the Homeric Group on Ithaca and is also an established musician. Left - Billy from the hardware shop in Stavros takes a little ride under the sun.
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