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independence day parade on ithaca greece 2012
Above - Ithaki's Mayor, Mr. Kassianos, looks on as council workers dig up the road side to install new piping toward Dexa.

lola demo is me. I've recorded several cds since relocating to Ithaki in 2002. Click Here or on photo above. Please read the fine print on this cover.


Spiros Amarantos

Spiros has been drumming for too many bands to count whether rock or folk music for the festivals. Unfortunately there are no music channels or videos in which to see him so I guess you'll just have to come live on the island.

Stavros Delaportas

Stavros Delaportas was born and raised on Ithaki. He plays guitar and bass. Bands he has played in are The Chappries, Nylon Sex and Hard Candy (Greek Line-up)

Dimos Kostopoulos

Dimos Kostopoulos is one of Ithakis Rock drummers. He also plays in the Ithaki Brass Band.

Click Here for video of Nylon Sex in which you can see Dimos on drums and Stavros on Bass guitar.

March - Thursday 22nd - There's not much to say. The weather is fine and the skies are blue, Spring is here, but where are you? Left & Below - Around Exoghi.
Above & Left - Raxi area between Frikes and Kioni in the north of Ithaca.
Friday 23rd - A dreary grey sort of day today. Low cloud and misty. Lots of people in the streets again. Ithaki is definitely out of hibernation and there's no turning back. Also looks like some of the tents are going up again in Vathy. If ever there was a time to turn a blind eye, this would be it. With tourist season coming up, people want a little shade overhead and umbrellas really are not good enough, or safe enough, should there be wind.
Left, Below and Above - Perahori views. I don't often get a chance to go up to this southern mountain village, but blue-sky, cloudy or grey, the views are always wonderful. So are the people by the way. Of course, I don't know everyone that lives in this village, but those I do, there's not one person that falls beneath the friendly meter.
Left and Below - Loutsa views. The water was like oil today. A satin sheen of blue and the wild flowers are popping up everywhere.
Sunday 25th - Another mild day. Looks like the heavy coats, scarves and hats can be packed away for another year. Last night, the clocks went forward for daylight saving, so now the days will be longer again and we'll have more daylight to enjoy.
Although the morning started off sunny with blue skies, as we headed for midday, the clouds did hover a little low for the Independence Day parades. With parades both in Stavros and Vathy, it was a bit of a rush, but both were well organized and as usual came off without a hitch. It's a colourful annual event all over Greece and on Ithaca, it's also a time for locals to get together after a long winter.

Independence Day Parade 2012

Sunday 25th March

The Independence Day festivities this year were very minimal. The numbers of those in the parades and those attending to watch the parades, were down, but the passion for the day and the historical significance of this celebration were as high as always. This event is etched deeply into the psyche of Greece, even the young know how important the memory of this event is to Greece and passionately celebrate its anniversary annually.

For more photos of the parades in Stavros and in Vathy CLICK HERE or on photograph Left.

Friday 30th - It's been a bit quiet here on ithacagreece because I've been away for a few days, but I'm back now and ready to take some more pics. Left - Sunrise, leaving Ithaki. Below Left & Below - Aetos
Left - The road into Stavros. The road sides are becoming wild now with flowers and growth. The island is looking so beautiful it's a shame that in a short while all the road sides will be strimmed to keep the fire danger to a minimum.
Saturday 31st - Ithaki is busily getting itself ready for the upcoming season with works in progress in and out of Vathy town. Below - The new piping is almost done in Vathy, then it's the paving work and all will be fine again after an interrupted winter on the back streets of our capital.
Below - Drakouli has been undergoing some major renovations over the past couple of months. It's hard to know what's going on as the works have been sealed off to the public.
Left - Yesterday morning a seagull got snagged in a fishermans' line in the bay of Vathy. Locals gathered as they tried to work out why the bird was acting so distressed. Before too long, the fisherman to whom the line belonged, was summoned and the seagull was freed from the hook and flew away. Below - Originally this was the old Vathy oil press, then it was Ores Gallery, then Karamela Playground and now talk has it the next incarnation will be a restaurant. Works seem to be in the early stages, but my guess is that it will be a 'notch above' type of eatery that I'm sure will become very popular.

Below Left - Lefki hill side. Seeing I have a little space to fill in with no more photos to add, thought I'd give you some links to some of the people making music on ithaca. (Including myself)

Nikos Karantzis is from Mylos Creperie in Vathy, but was formerly one of the key members of the band Oh My Garden. On Ithaca he has been in bands The Chappries and Nylon Sex (with moi) Click on photos or band name.

Rien Post works at Rementzo Restaurant in Frikes as the Grill Man. He was formerly a video editor in the Netherlands before relocating to Ithaca. His musical venture is called Yintan. It's electronic and trance. Click Here or on photo above.

Headcharge is one man band, Demetri Vlass who was formerly in bands Ape The Cry and Hard Candy. He worked proffessionally as a musician before relocating to Ithaki and working in advertising. Click Here or photo above.


Now that March is over and the sun is more often out than not, things are really picking up again around the island. This Sunday Rementzo Restaurant in Frikes opens its doors again for lunch and dinner. Also the boys from Yefuri Restaurant are back on the island and promise to open up for Easter this year. Businesses all over the island are getting out the paint and spit to be ready for the 2012 Summer show. It's looking fine so far. Crisis or not, Ithaki is ready for whatever will come its way. It hopes it will be YOU!!!!

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