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Festival at Mavrona Bay Kioni Ithaca Greece. Greek Island festa 2012
Ag. Nikolas Festival
on 10th May 2012
At Ag. Nikolas church, Mavrona

You'd think I would have learned by now that if you arrive late at Ag. Nikolas Festival, then you'll miss out on all the food. It's become such a popular festival in the north of Ithaca, that locals get up very early to spit road lamb, not just one, but many, make sweets and bring local wine so that after the initial church service, there's nothing but good times ahead. Pre-dominantly, this is a festival for Kioni locals, but if you come up from Vathy or Stavros, Frikes, Exoghi or Anoghi, you are welcomed and fit right in. It's always a great way to spend May 10th. There'll be a few sore heads later today, but it must be worth it because the same heads feel the same pain every year and keep coming back for more.

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Above - Perahori, the village above Ithaca's capital of Vathy, has many surprises, the first being that it has some of the most spectacular views across the southern part of the island and not only Vathy Bay, but beyond, right into the Ionian, and even down toward Patra, which on a clear day, isn't very hard to spot. Below - Ag. Rafael church in Perahori.
Tonight in Frikes, Penelope restaurant, under the new management of Tilemaxos Karavias from ithaca news, has its opening night, touted to be the place where you can find a little more than the taverna traditional Greek kitchen, but some culinery surprises. Below - Just one of the postcards you will find on virtual postcard site e-Thiaki. You will find this postcard under the menu heading Black & White Ithaki. For more postcards click on the photo below. New postcards are being added regularly.
Maria and Lucky get married in April 2012 in Melbourne Australia

May Thursday 10th - Just so happens we're having one great day after another this month. May has turned Spring into early Summer with mid 20's every day. It's so warm that there are people swimming at most of the beaches already. Left & Below - Frikes Bayside.

Left - Exoghi as seen from Platrithia Square. Below - Exoghi church tower at Ag. Marina church in the village square.
Friday 11th - Each day now, more and more people are coming to the island. At this time of year it's mostly walkers, painters and writers who want to avoid the summer heat. Locals too, are more active now the weather is heading into summer. At this time of year, most say what they say every year "The numbers are down", but it's only May and in May they are always down. We are bound to notice some difference with all the bad publicity Greece has had and continues to have, but for those of you who have been to the island, you know that Ithaca is still one of the best places to holiday despite the economic crisis and the fear mongering that continues to be perpetuated. Like I've said before "be scared, be very scared! We have blue skies, sunshine and aqua seas, a friendly community and food to 'live' for. Life is hard and the simple things are free. Left - Vathy Bay.
If you're travelling to Greece generally, you may be interested to know that on May 18, as part of the celebrations for International Museums Day, there will be free admission to most of the archaeological sites and museums in Greece. Left - Dendraki, Vathy.
Above - The hospital shutters in Vathy are either in need of a coat of paint or are being prepared for one. Let's hope it's the latter. It's looking quite a bit shabby. Don't be fooled by the exterior, inside, professional and very helpful staff do look after the patients very well, should you ever have the need for it.
Left - It's that time of year again, when mopeds rule the roads as visitors to Ithaca vie to see as much of the island as they can while on holiday. Unfortunately, many visitors forget that even the roads on Ithaca have traffic and thus need to stay on the right side of the road instead of the middle.
Saturday 12th - Early in Stavros in the north of the island, bus tours began to roll through. It was a tour group of Greeks, so it was straight to the Cafes for food and drink. Their interest in Odyssea's bust or the church in the square was insignificant. It was nice to see Stavros square and the surrounding cafe bars full of people, not just for me, but for the businesses themselves, I would expect. There was nothng Spring about the temperature today. Summer heat all the way and it seems it will continue as such for a few days yet. Locals and visitors headed straight to the beach. Swimming weather has begun. Left - Sortiros church is the figure-head of Stavros village square.
Left - People were quick to head for Sunset Cafe Bar with its great view of Polis Bay and beyond to Cephalonia, but also to Kentro (Below) and Margarita Cafe (Below Left) where Maki and Maria have had years of experience with bus tours coming through, and their need for quick service and Ithakis special dessert, Rovani with ice-cream or straight up.
Homeric Writers Retreat on Ithaca

If you are a writer and you are already on Ithaca, why not take advantage of Chuck Sambuchino being on the island during the Homeric Writers' Retreat & Workshop? He's inviting people for partial sessions or partial critiques - meaning you can engage in whatever workshop you like without participating in the whole retreat.

For an hour-long workshop and the ability to ask questions face to face with a publishing professional, it'll cost 50 Euro. Pay 60 euro, and you'll get a one-year subscription included as well.

If anyone wants a query or synopsis edit, the rate is 50 euros per edit. You can meet Chuck in person to discuss it, or you can communicate with him over email. Want more info? Email Jessica Bell at

Sunday 13th - The day hasn't actually started yet, but we know that there are some eager people out there wanting to see this update. Enjoy.

Maria & Lucky Get Married

On 21st of April 2012 at the National Gallery in Melbourne Australia, Lucky and Maria who many know from Polis beach Stavros, got married before their friends and family. This collection of photographs was sent to me by Maria for all their friends who couldn't make it to the wedding in person. Click Here or on photograph Left for more pics.

Monday 14th - It's only May, but people are already swimming here on Ithaca. The weather has been fantastic. It's warm and completely summer, although technically it is still Spring. Left - Krouvoulia number 3 beach.
Left - Krouvoulia Number 2 beach. It's one of the favourites in the north in the heat of Summer. Above, Below and Left - Ag. Sarantas. Still very traditional even with broadband.
I know there's alot wrong with Greece, although we live in a bubble here on Ithaki, we do know what's going on, but there is also alot right with Greece. We're lucky enough to wake up to these views on a daily basis and enjoy a relaxed (not lazy) lifestyle that many around the world envy. Let's hope we don't throw the baby out with the bath water.
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