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September Monday 16th - After a wet and stormy few days, yesterday the skies were finally clearing again. Vibrant colours everywhere and a stunning horizon. It was easy to believe that everyone had fled the island as it was so quiet over this rainy period, but there are still people here, and they all came out with the sun.
Going for a walk around the island, you can often pick up some delicious treats on the side of the road. Pomegranates, wild pears, figs and plums, not to mention a healthy tan.
Above - Kioni. Left - What better way to enjoy a Sunday afternoon than with a little ouzo and some good company at Spavento Bar. Below - Kioni.
Tuesday 18th - A little chilly yesterday morning with some cloud overhead, but by midday there was more sunshine than not, and those here on holiday, decided swimming was definitely on the cards again. The forecast is for fine weather again now, but as we head slowly through Autumn and into winter, our skies are bound to change again.
Some of this summers visitors prepare to leave the island and summer to head back to Australia and beyond (if there is a more beyond than Australia). As September continues, there will be more and more leaving.
Left - The Fatouros family came to Ithaca this year to help celebrate cousin Peter Fatouros (Fiorendino Bar in Frikes) marriage to Karen. Breakfast at Nyrito looks appealing.
Above Left - Artemis from Dexa Villa Apartments, and husband Spyros Arkoudis, take a little break in Vathy Square on a sunny day.
- Spavento Bar in Kioni has a little retro in all corners of its music cafe.
Today, Polis beach goes back to nature with Lucky heading back to Australia, locking up his sunbeds and umbrellas for another year.
Left & Above - Mike and Sue from Kioni, hang out in fresh Frikes.

Thursday 20th

A couple of weeks ago we had a few days in Zagorohoria just outside Ioannina in Epirus.
Zagorohoria is made up of 46 villages and the
world renowned, Vikos Gorge.
For more photographs
or on photograph left.

Saturday 22nd - Very changeable weather over the past week. One minute hot, the next cold and stormy. As a cold front moves south from northern Europe, we're feeling the chill here too. Temperatures have dropped about 10 degrees and it's on with a pullover or a windcheater to keep out the cool winds. Although it doesn't feel like summer, the skies reflect full summer with a vibrant blue and cloudless sky for most of the day yesterday.
It was chilly enough yesterday to even bring in the hardy yachters, who aren't usually shy of a little windchill.
Above - While in the cities they walk the streets in blue collar and ties, here we get the dressing gown. Luckily Google Earth Street View van didn't come on this day, otherwise, these sturdy gentlemen could be very well known around the world for their dressing gown days. With Google Street View taking on Ithaki, soon you should be able to get right down into the main street the next time you feel nostalgic for Ithaki.
The only thing missing is the rubber ducky :)
September 2012 >> Page 1 2 3 4
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