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September Sunday 23rd - As we head into the last week of September, the weather seems to be stabilizing again with a perfect weather day today. Warm and sunny. Just enough breeze for comfort. The island is looking quite beautiful now as the rains over the past couple of weeks have done much to green up the fields.
Left & Below - Sunday brunch in Platrithia is a nice way to spend Sunday morning.
Left - Rob and Nita from the UK, have been spending their holidays on Ithaca at Levendi's cottages over the past 12 years. That's a stamp of approval on the island and the cottages.
Left - George from Spavento Bar in Kioni goes fishing with friends. Now that the season is quietening down, many business owners are taking the opportunity to fit in a little holiday activity for themselves.
Someone seems to have a fetish for collecting bottles.
Tuesday 25th - Late afternoon yesterday, the weather began to change a little. Overcast skies. Before that however, it was blue and summer like. Warm too.
Left - More Kioni views.
It's Strike time again. Wednesday 26th, ferries will have a 24 hour stop work. This of course effects the routes to Ithaki. Athens transport will be mayhem this week as unions strike again.
Wednesday 26th - If you want to go anywhere today, well you'll just have to wait. No ferry today due to the 24 hour strike.
Left - Yesterday was fine and warm, although quite a bit misty with low cloud and the usual chemtrails in the sky. Why is it so difficult to get any formal explanation of this activity? People have been asking for facts on this through the parliament without answers. With every secret activity there is bound to be a conspiracy theory or two attached, so if it's nothing sinister, then why not just say what it is. I did see a documentary on it once which had to do with testing for weather control. Considering we humans have such an inane capacity to mess things up, we should surely leave nature alone. We are too inexperienced and vulnerable to dangerously dabble with our delicate balance.
Considering we're heading quickly toward October, it was surprising to see so many people in Vathy Square yesterday. Locals and visitors sitting around the cafes, enjoying the warm weather.
Left - Loutsa Beach on the edge of Vathy. The water is still warm, so go swimming before the winter comes.
Left - Why pay for accommodation when you can just set up your campervan in a prime position, steps from the sea in a secluded cutout along the road to Loutsa, with a more than a stunning view of the bay? Bit of a cheek, considering it's not permitted. Just goes to show that give someone an opportunity to get away with something, they will do it, regardless of nationality.
Below - An old roof in Kioni used as a landing place for empty water bottles.

Above Left - A stray Frikes kitten plays hide and seek with tourists.
Left - If you drive too fast, then you too, can end up with your car at the side of the road and you, on your way to hospital. This time it did happen to someone else, next time it may be you that's the 'someone else'. It's easy to feel you are protected on ithaca, but just because there is less traffic, doesn't mean that you should speed. Life is precious!!!!!!!

Thursday 27th - Another brilliant day yesterday. This second Spring has the island looking beautiful and everyone on it, feeling spritely, and warm toward the world, despite the economic circumstances we find ourselves in. The seas are smooth as glass, or as the Greeks describe it, "like oil", and the skies are a crisp blue that goes right to the horizon.

Over the years I've been asked many times about traditional dance lessons. Harilaos Tsigonia, Ithaki's dance group are starting their lesson schedule again for the winter from the 13th October. To contact the Dance Group, visit them on Facebook to send them a message if you have an enquiry.
Old friends re-unite after 20 years or so. Above (Left) - Melina Raft says hello and goodbye all on the same night. This Australian born ithacan is an accomplished fashion designer and co-produced the 'I am Ithacan' t-shirt with sister Marianna Raftopoulos. Melina has been on ithaca since Easter, but all good things have to come to an end. We wish her well until her next visit to ithaki.
Above (Left) - - If you're looking to get fit and in your mind and body in tune, don't forget that Ingrid is still giving yoga classes in Lahos twice a day most days of the week. A morning and evening session. You can contact her through her webpage itha108 by clicking here.
August was revisted last night with so many people around in the streets, it was hard to believe it's the end of September. The influx was mostly from incoming yachts.
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