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NEW - Here you'll find all the latest updates on the site with links that take you directly to the page and to where the page is linked from. You'll find the days' Weather, you can check the Calendar or see if there's anything interesting For Sale by one of the locals, a nd of course you'll find the Tell Me About It Letters, with Agony AuntE and your general questions about Ithaca answered.

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Summer Lodown - 1 May - September 30. These pages are updated daily with happenings, pics and news on Ithaki. Here you'll find pics of those who have come to Ithaca over this period, panighiria (festivals), concerts, Weddings and anything else concerning the Summer Season with 'Who's Here', 'Around the Villages' and 'Ithaki General'.

Winter on Ithaca - October to end of April. These pages are also usually updated daily with happenings, pics and news on Ithaki over the Autumn and Winter, including Carnival, Easter and Christmas.

Panighiri and other Special Events - You can get to these through the Navigation Menu or through the Site Index under the year you would like to review. Navigation Menu > Summer Lodown > Summer Specials (Year)

Events - Ithaca Calendar has up to date events happening around the island from January to December. Click on a date to see what's happening or read a thought from a local. Click on the name of the month for a complete list of Events for that month.

Accommodation - To find accommodation in a particular village, just click on the name of the village to be taken to a page with the accommodation listings for that village. Note - the Accommodation Co-Op has over 60 places of accommodation with various prices and styles.

General Business - Here you'll find links for Ithacan Businesses
Clohting and Accessories
Food markets
Gas Stations
Hardware and Construction
Holiday Activities
Jewellery and Gifts
Public Showers

Please be aware that hOME ithaca greece is photo heavy and some pages may take time to load down.

On hOME ithaca greece, you'll find all the pages ever loaded from the day the site began. Nothing is deleted unless it's a business which no longer wishes to be included in the site, or a piece of Real Estate, no longer available.

hOME ithaca greece, building the biggest online archive of one of the smallest islands in the Ionian.

Happy travels.

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