Poppy and Nektarios get married

My Best Friends' Wedding

Left--Nektarios waiting anxiously for Poppy to arrive.

Right--Ag Marina Church

L-R--Brother Nikos, Julia, Nikos, Andreas, Maria, Lorraine,

Nektarios' parents Tasia and Lazaros lighting candles

L-R--Tasia, Nektarios, Leith and best man Dominic

Poppy's brother Christos with friends and family keeping warm in the Annex

Father Andreas and Poppy photo op

Nektarios rushes Poppy into the church out of the cold while family  Paparazzi shoot them from behind.

The committed Priest

The proud and angelic flower girl.

Here we go….

Everyone getting their fist full of rice

The swapping of the Stefania.  A nervous best man hopes he gets the ritual right.

Duck!! Incoming.  Luckily the guests weren't throwing Lima beans.

The fear in their faces is not of the Priest, but of the rice missiles. aimed at their heads

The ceremony is almost over and the marriage almost beginning

Eating Poppy

Poppy suffered from a little stage fright when it came to the first dance with her husband.  Someone give the girl a drink. 

Smile!  There are 10 cameras on you.

Leith and Best Man Dominic looking more relaxed

Let's eat

A big hug from Aunty

A quiet  moment between Poppy and her mum Vagelio

Old friends get a rare chance to visit with each other during winter

Poppys father Andreas wastes no time burning up the dance floor

Family conference

Smile your on the Internet

"Do a little dance, make a little love, get down tonight"

On behalf of all the guests at the wedding, I would like to thank Poppy, Nektarios, Lazaros, Tasia , Andreas and Vagelio for inviting us to join them on this great day.  Syharitiria se olous.


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