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We wish everyone a great holiday on Ithaca. Join the community for the Greek experience you have always hoped for. Consider a winter holiday and take part in olive picking and fishing for Calamari, see how the locals make feta cheese or take walks around the island from Kioni to Perahori. Discover the real Ithaki.

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hOME ithaca greece for whatever you want to know about the Greek island of Ithaca, also known as Ithaki, in the Ionian. Here you'll find places of accommodation, real estate, history, myth, culture, festivals and events Calendar, sailing guides and businesses, boat, car and bike rental and hire, great beaches, walks, tracks, museums, sites, poetry and writings, the football teams, read the facts about the island down to the trivia, also read the letters many visitors have sent to hOME ithaca greece website, we have artists from painters to writers and everything in between, construction and hardware for your renovations or building needs, Gas stations who service and repair cars and yachting stations for your sailing needs, and many other great holiday essentials. visit the gift shops with jewellery and greek gifts, clothing stores and cafes. We can also provide you with phone numbers for the council and trades and services, taxis and ferry timetables on how to get to Ithaca. Meet the people of Ithaca through the locals section and enjoy the fun of the Summer lodown pages with who's here, around the villages and Ithaki general. Find out just how Ithacans spend their winter and what you could do if you came to Ithaki in the winter. Visit restaurants and bars from around the island and look at many photographs of the events and festivals to be had while on holiday. All you need can be found right here on Ithaca greece website whether you want to book a room, apartment, villa, hotel, house or estate, or hire a moped, boat, yacht, motorbike or car to get you around this small Greek island. You'll find the people friendly and helpful, so join us on this Greek island paradise for your holiday in Greece and see all the villages - The wonderful harbor village of Kioni with golden sunrise and the red moon of July, the hillside of Raxi, the beach at Mavrona, Port village of Frikes with a growing attraction for those looking for the real Greece, Parata, lahos, Ag. Sarantas, Platrithia, the amazing views of Aphales, the seclusion of Marmaka, the Spring water village of Kolieri, Exoghi which has undoubtedly the best views across northern Ithaca and a diminishing community until recent times, ancient Pilikata, Kalivia, Stavros with the great Church of Sortiros above and the seaside of Polis Bay below, the whitewash and spectacular sunsets of Lefki, the peak of Ithaki at Anoghi with only the Kathara Monastery higher, Ag. Ioannis (Yiannis) with amazing sea scapes across to Cephalonia , Aetos one of the first settlements of Ithaca, Piso Aetos where the afternoon Kefalonia ferry pulls into Ithaki, Dexa with it's long and partially sandy beach, Vathy the capital of Ithaca and the hub of the community, Perahori where they make organic wine, Filiatro for camping, and the German settlement of Sarachiniko which has been there since the 70's. Phone App (for many platforms) Click Icon Below