Spavento Cafe Bar in Kioni Ithaca Greece. Bayside seating with great snacks, drinks and spirits. Ithaki Greek Island food and drink.

spavento cafe bar in Kioni ithaki greek island. seating on the kioni bayside with sea views.
No one experiences Kioni without experiencing Spavento.
Spavento Café Bar is known for its excellent coffee and choice of delicious ice-creams and homemade snacks and sweets. All the tastes of Summer on Ithaca. Yiorgos Karantzis and Jenny Valssopoulou, along with their friendly staff, will always make you feel welcome and at home.
For Breakfast and all through the day, Spaventos' Menu has an extensive choice of Summer fare to wet the appetite of all ages. Whether you desire a cool freshly made baguette., Onion or Olive Bread with cosmopolitan fillings, a home-made, traditional Greek sweet, like Ithacas unique Rovani, you will be delighted by it here at Spavento Café Bar. During the evenings you will find just the drink to take you through your Mediterranean nights into the dawn with a beverage of your choice from their well-stocked Bar. With a great selection of music, your feet may be tempted to dance, but if it's peace and serenity you crave, find yourself a table right on the bay side, under the moon and stars along the picturesque harbor of Kioni.
Simply enjoy the food, drink and spectacular views
People from all over the world have made Spavento Café Bar in Kioni their Ithacan home. You will too.

Cafe Spavento in Kioni and on the bayside

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