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The Summer Lo-down

This page is for all the ex-pats and other lovers of Ithaca who come back to visit regularly and have become  part of Ithacas 'Summer' furniture. 

Who's here, who's doing what, who got too drunk to remember last night...



May 2003

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Who's Doing What    Around The Villages     Nightlife     Dispelling The Gossip

Summer Lodown
Who's Here
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Tuesday 20th May


Bemenis Bar in Frikes



Happy Happy


Colin and Marion come to Ithaca every year from Milford Haven in Wales. They love the place. They walk from Kioni every night to have dinner in Frikes and then walk back. Now that's committment. Now we know these two have a great time, but we better keep that a secret. The children might be watching.


It's only May, but the Bars and Cafes are already filling up, despite that the nights are still a bit chilly. Spavento in Kioni seems to be a popular place for the crews of the Flotillas and the locals alike.

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