The Summer Lo-down

This page is for all the ex-pats and other lovers of Ithaca who come back to visit regularly and have become  part of Ithacas 'Summer' furniture. 

Dispelling The Gossip



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Who's Doing What    Around The Villages     Nightlife     Dispelling The Gossip

   Summer Lodown        Who's Here   

  ...or adding fuel to the fire      

May 30th- Which Tour Management Representative became hero of the day when he saved a bus load of English tourists from the death metal onslaught coming from the bus drivers radio? "We want Zorba! We want Zorba!"


June 10th - Poppy Pagoulatos and Nektarios Vasilopoulos are not getting married just yet, so put away the good gowns, there's no invitation in the mail.

August 9th - We have heard from a reliable source that the large blue yacht anchoring around Ithacas bays belongs to King Constantine, Greeces' own once-exiled monarch. We have also heard from a reliable source that this yacht belongs to an Arab Sheik. One thing we can count on is that there is always a.' LI' .in/''r e L I a b l e'.

August 22nd - Rumor has it that four people on this island, one Brit, one Vathinian, one Greek/Aussie and and one German/Aussie trying to get their Heavy Pop ready for a couple of gigs before the end of the season are being hindered and locked out of rehearsal space due to their grinding electric guitars and thumping drums that are reported to pierce the 'soundproof' barrier. "Turn it down!!" They are currently looking for a place to rehearse 6 nights straight where certain locals won't call the police, hide the keys or remove vital gear from the rehearsal room. They've been heard playing obscure 'Covers' from Blonde, Pj Harvey, Boss Hog, Lou Reed, Hard Candy and Nirvana.

August 22nd- Yes it's true, Jessica is the first to take a forced dive into Kioni bay while working at Spavento Bar. A German customer put out his leg and tripped her while she was serving the umbrella seats. She hit the concrete, did the splits over a boat rope which gave her a nasty burn between the thighs before ending up in the water. Jessica is a little battered and bruised, but was back at work after a quick change of clothes.

August 26th - There have been many rumors of a biker gang starting up its Mediterranean Headquarters here on Ithaca. People have been frightened out of their wits, locking up their doors and their daughters. Locals feared the internationally infamous Hell's Angels terrorizing their small island, but alas it's only the Katsiki Gang, headed by goat herder Kotsis from Kioni.


August 29th - News on the grapevine is that the earthquake which hit the Ionian two weeks ago was not 6.4, but 7+ on the Richter. Speculation on why the false Richter reading is - avoiding damage payouts which are mandatory over 7, and keeping the tourists from fleeing before the season is over. This has not been confirmed.

September 2nd - News is that in September a film crew from Athens is coming to Ithaca to shoot an entire Television Series right here on the island. Who knows we might see some of the locals as 'Extras' in this reportedly excellent production.

September 9th - Derek and Lyn from Lefki have had a little bad luck. Their boat lost it's mooring at Frikes bay and was found floating around one of the Kravoulia Beaches. After bringing the boat back into Frikes, Lyn, while trying to disembark,lost her footing on the slippery concrete ramp, landed on her back and then hit the water. The locals rushed to her aid after hearing the crash and splash, but luckily she had not injured more than her pride. If that wasn't enough though, Derek backed up his Jeep ready to attach the boat trailer, misjudged the distance between the Jeep and the trailer and pushed the boat trailer into the bay instead. Lyn, drenched from her fall, knee deep in water holding on to the boat, stood there speechless and a little dazed with embarrassment. What else could go wrong? It was a laugh or cry situation at that point and true to Freaky Frikes spirit, the 'laugh' option was chosen. Oz from the supermarket and Elvis from Frikes Bike rentals lent a hand with the boat while Nektarios from Rementzo made them coffees. Derek and Lyn were advised it may be better if they stayed home until their luck changed. They were not seen again this day.


Lyn and Derek weren't the only ones to suffer a little boat misfortune lately. Paul and Ursula from Pilikata had their yacht heading out to the Cephalonia strait last week when it lost it's mooring at Polis Beach. Luckily Andreas from Parrata and his friend Mikey here on holiday from Belgium, hauled it back in, and after Mondays' storm there were more than a few fisherman worried about their boats suffering the same fate. Many filled with water from the downpour and were tossed in the strong winds, but luckily no casualties reported. Soon it will be time to bring the boats to land and then we know for sure that Summer is definitely over.

September 11th - Who stripped half naked and jumped into Kioni bay from Spavento Bar today? We hear it was Nikos Vasilopoulos. HIs wife Julia was playing aruond with her wedding ring and before she knew it was in the water. Jessica the waitress located it's position so Nikos jumped in and fished it out. No big deal, but nice legs by all accounts.

What, there's more?

October 8th - Big news in Kioni this week when a tourist was forcibly removed from the island after intimidating and scaring the hell out of other tourists and locals alike. He stood infront of them out-staring them with demented poses and apparently dead eyes. Theofolos from Kioni gave him back a little of what was dished out, but could not outlast the glare of this strange stranger, lucid one minute and off the planet the next. He is said to have unnerved all who came in contact with him and some women feared for their safety around him. Business was also affected. "He scared away my customers" said one local. The last straw was when a cleaner interrupted his meditation so he threw her out of his room, slamming the door so hard he broke the window. Further news is that when he was taken to Kephalonia airport, he was refused a seat on the plane. He undermined passenger safety. Speculation about this STRANGE (throw back from the 70's) visitor is that he is either - a drug addict, a schizophrenic on medication, but without it, too many years in a religious Cult or brain damaged in the frontal lobe giving him no perspective on socially acceptable behavior. It's been along time since a Hippy has stirred up this much excitement.



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