22nd February 2004

Ithaca Greece

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V a t h y    C a r n I v a l

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No more eating meat or dairy until Easter now.  This has the be the

biggest sacrifice Greece makes for religion.

It's been a fun weekend

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It was really cold, it rained, the wind blew hard and Vathy partied even harder to overcome the

adversities of winter weather.  The Vathy Carnival has to be the biggest  winter event on the Ithacan Social Calender .   As usual, give a man the opportunity to dress up and he will raid his sisters wardrobe for stilettos and fishnet stockings.  There were kings and queens and grown men in nappies, bunnies and witches, sombreros and platinum wigs, men with breasts that rivalled Dolly Parton and hairy legs there should be a law for never to be shown in public.  Mums dressed up their kids and their husbands and paraded them in the streets.  It was loud and raucous , lots of fun and lots of great music (thanks Mr. DJ) then everyone ran for shelter as the heavens opened up.   Were the gods not pleased?