Ithaca Greece

The Summer Lo-down

This page is for all the ex-pats and other lovers of Ithaca who come back to visit regularly and have become  part of Ithacas 'Summer' furniture. 

Who's here, who's doing what, who got too drunk to remember last night...

Who's Here 2003

Who's Doing What    Around The Villages     Nightlife     Dispelling The Gossip

   Summer Lodown        Who's Here   

Who's Doing What    Around The Villages     Nightlife     Dispelling The Gossip

   Summer Lodown        Who's Here   

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June / July

June 29th - Kerry, Katie and Sheryl are on Ithaca from London visiting their friends Andy and Mark in Kioni.

Lambros and Christhanthi are here on Ithaca for the very first time. Lambros is visiting relatives he has never met before and his sister Kathy, who has lived here for 20 years. We wish them a wonderful time during their 2, 3 or 4 month stay.


Jim Vlassopoulos is back again this year to catch up with his family and friends. His ancesters are originally from Lahos.


Alex and George from Dublin, are on Ithaca for the third time. They usually stop in a couple of days while their parents take a break from sailing around the Mediterranean.


July 4th - Katrina has a little friend called Luca visiting her for a couple of weeks.


July 5th - Jim and Siobhan arrived two days ago from Northcote in Australia. A long way to come for 2 weeks on Ithaca, but to them it's worth it. They are visiting family and friends. Jims mother, Joya, was born in Kioni and his late father Vasilis, in Platrithia. For the most part they are enjoying the relaxation and the beauty around them. We hope they have a stress free and wonderful time.


Juan and Isabelle. Spain and France meet in Greece.

Dionisis is back this year to settle into his family home in Lefki for the duration of the summer months. He starts work at Spavento Bar in Kioni next week.

July 8th - Right - Finally Peter, the Big P, has returned. It's been over 8 years. His arrival in Northern Ithaca has been eagerly awaited by his friends and family. Peters return was postponed by a few weeks after an unfortunate accident which cracked open his head back in Melbourne Australia a few days before he was first due to leave. Thankfully his head recovered and he's now back with all the people who have been missing this 'once great' personality of Northern Ithacan Nightlife. Thank God the Mullet is gone.
Chris and Jen are on Ithaca for the first time and staying in Kioni. They're visiting from the Uk.
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