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In Loving Memory
Themis Tataris August 1974 - March 2004

Family and friends mourn the tragic loss of Themis Tataris who lost his battle with illness on March 8th 2004. He had a big heart, exuberant humour and an enormous appetite for life, his friends and most especially his music. Themis was a very special person to everyone that knew him and will not be forgotten.

Themis remains in our hearts and minds.


March 17th 2004 - The budget is in and Stavros and Frikes are on the cards to get major face lifts. The Mayor, along with a town planner met the community at Stavros to discuss initial plans. The work planned for Stavros is centered around the Plateia, the road and the shop fronts. The discussions were mainly based around moving the Town Square to where the park is. Locals across the board voiced their objections to that. There is no doubt that the community wants to keep it's square exactly where it is, but other facets of the plan, such as footpaths and landscaping of shop fronts were welcomed.

Frikes will also undergo some cosmetic changes. Stone paving, landscaping and most importantly to shop owners, parking. The new marina will be the designated parking zone. A stone wall will hold back the mountain face which at this time is not secured from falling debris, stones and rocks and has made parking there rather risky thus far. Some details need to be included in the plans that will retain the flavour of Frikes, which after discussions were noted by the planner.

The final concern for these works are now that they begin during quiet months like October and November and end before Easter next year. A couple of years ago, work on the marina with mountain excavations made the Frikes summer unbearable. Locals don't want a repeat performance.

Town Meeting
Town Meeting
March 21st - We're having summer weather here. Off come the coats and on go the T-shirts. Some are even going swimming. Very strange! No complaints though. It's been a cold winter and the sun and heat is cheering everyone up..
Poli Valley
Poli Bay
View over Poli valley
5pm at Poli
March 21st and 22nd, Ithacas Theater Company, Forkis, gave an enthusiastic performance of Iakovos Kambanellis play The four legs of the table'. A tale of a family torn apart by a father who has been dying for 10 years, inheritance and sibling rivalry. Director Stelios Sofos gathered the talents of Ithacas theater group to get great performances out of all. An enjoyable weekend at the Theater in Vathy. Congratulations to all.
Unfortunately there were no flashes allowed so my images were a bit blurry for publication. Above center is Alexandros Taflambas in the role of Costa. A surprising talent for all the locals that know him in his role as one of Ithacas resident lawyers.

The Milos Creperie was the place to be after the performance. Audience and Theater group drank the night away in celebration of a successful play. Ithaca is lucky to have the Forkis Group and a government willing to sponsor such efforts, many islands don't have such opportunity for expression or a way for locals to enhance themselves and their community with the culture of Theater. Ithaki has much talent hidden under the guise of ordinary folk.

Today 31st March at 3am, there was a hit and run incident with a fridge.

The supermarket Penelope in Frikes looks like it has been in the wars after an unidentified driver ran into the shop and it's ice-cream fridge in the early hours of this morning. We have heard a 5000e reward is being offered to the brave person who gives up the perpetrator. (personally I'd want enough to buy another island on the opposite side of the world). Police came from Vathy to review the scene, but no clues were found as to the identity of the car. Anyone thought of just looking around the streets? It's not New York. Whosever car is a little smashed today may be a clue??

April 1st - Snake charmers come to town in Stavros. Not really. A portable, mobile tropical, reptile show with a cute Merry - Go - Round for the little kiddies set up in the Plateia of Stavros today giving the village a shiver down it's spine with it's slimy snakes and other reptilians. Good fun!


Tuesday 6th April - The old olive oil factory in Vathy has been renovated by Dimitris Danis for a performance of John Stuart Anderson monologue 'The Card Castle', adapted by him for two women, Maria Kouyianou and Tomi Dendrinou. The performances are from 17 - 19 this month. Even if you're not into theatre, it's really well worth a visit just to see the old olive factory. Dimitri has done an excellent job. click on the P icon below for a preview.

It seems that all at once the island is full of people. With Easter in the rest of the world coinciding with Greek Easter, many are taking the opportunity to come to Ithaca. Although it's still quite cold at night, the days have been sunny and are expected to remain so until the weekend at lleast, making it ideal for a Spring break. It's nice to see some fresh faces walking the streets of the island and all those who leave Ithaca for the winter months, returning. It really is turning out to be TH MEGALI EVDOMADA (The Big Week) of Easter. Everyone is getting very excited too, because on Sunday the island eats meat again, lots of it and all day long. Get the alkaselzer ready.




Thursday 8th April - Look who's an adult now. It's none other than Brandon, the boy with the most battle scars, the boy that gets too drunk, the boy that everyone either loves or wants to beat up is all grown up and here for Easter. He says his wild days are over, but lets just wait until the weekend is over before we paste it on the bulletin board. ........................................ "Now Junior behave yourself".

After Easter the Winter on Ithaca pages will stop for the year. The weather is getting better and there are more people coming to the island so Summer Lodown will be up and running again early. On this site Ithaki has only 2 seasons, Winter which is short (thankfully) and Summer which is looooong. Until then keep your eyes out here for Easter goodies.



Easter 2004


On Good Friday, Kioni sets Judas alight
On Saturday, the resurrection of Christ

Easter Sunday
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Easter Monday

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Easter comes to an end and so do the Winter on Ithaca pages. From now on Summer Lodown will have all the news and pics you want to see from Ithaki. Until next year goodbye to the chilly season.

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