.daphnae cottage Exoghi Ithaca Greece  

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. Take a look around the area of Exoghi where daphnae cottage is located

Below daphnae cottage, are the areas of Kolieri and Platrithia with Afales Bay to the left and Frikes Bay to the right. From daphnae cottage your views also include those toward the area of Stavros which leads to Anoghi. There are many walking tracks around the north of the island for those who enjoy seeing the island by foot.

Exoghi is in the north of Ithaca Island and is host to one of Ithacas favorite summer festivals, Ag. Marina, held annually on the 17th of July. The Exoghi Panighiri as it's known offers food, wine and traditional 'live' music with Greek dancing enjoyed by all.

The path to daphnae cottage starts at the main road to Exoghi and continues 300 meters to the cottage where the sea views to Afales and Frikes bays open up to you.

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