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Lefki is a village in the middle of Ithaca and is renowned for it's long days and stunning sunsets. It's also known as the village that had not for over 60 years, had a restaurant or cafe. Spiridoula Paxinou, a resident of the village, opened this stylish, yet comfortable restaurant with generous seating inside and a lovely seating area on the terrace side, with views across the Kefalonia Strait and toward Kefalonia itself, to introduce the Modern Greek Cuisine to the island. Spiridoula is no stranger to running restaurants. Her parents, Yianni and Dorothea, ran a successful Taverna in Stavros for many years before they retired.

Dona Lefki's menu was designed by well known Greek Chef, Christos Tachias, who has worked for many years in Switzerland, France, the USA and of course in Greece, and is prepared daily by Chef Nikos Panaretos from Greece. Dona Lefki uses the Sous Vide technique of vacuum cooking meats. This method allows for the most succulent and tender dishes. Only Dona Lefki uses this method on Ithaca. All Dona Lefki dishes are cooked fresh at the time of ordering. Spiridoula Paxinou, owner of Dona Lefki, along with her staff, hope you enjoy the beauty of Lefki and the new flavours and recipes that Dona Lefki offers.

At Dona Lefki

Restaurant and Cafe we know you'll enjoy our Modern Greek Kitchen recipes and flavours. We open at 10.30am - 3.00pm and 6.30pm - 12.30pm daily.

We offer

Free Wifi for your conenience. A large selection of excellent Greek Wines at good prices. An Indoor and outdoor area to choose from.

Dona Lefki Restaurant

Opened it's doors in June 2016
Open all Summer Season
Kitchen closes at 12.30am
Parking on road

Great food with stunning views!

Lefki Ithaca Greece

Tel: +30 26740 31 363
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Dona Lefki Restaurant & Cafe
Spiridoula Paxinou
Lefki Ithaca 28301 Greece
Tel: +30 26740 31 363