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Pix Lax

11th August  2004

Play the Garden Theatre Vathy, Ithaca, Greece

All of Ithaki was very excited about this band coming to their island to play.  For most non-Greeks, Pix Lax is just a name, but for Greeks, especially young Greeks,  Pix Lax are a Revolution.  Their songs tell the tales of ordinary lives on the wrong side of the tracks with lyrics that seem to inspire great things from their audience.  It must be said that the unusual aspect of this band is that they are mostly in the age group of mid thirties and beyond, yet it's the young that really seem to soar through their music.  Pix Lax its' conception in 1990 and since then,  have gathered a devout following.  An audience that knows every lyric to every song and who look on all the members of Pix Lax, the old and the new,  as their very own.  This band plays eclectic rock, a music form which stands out amidst Greek Popular music, Laiki.

Pix Lax

Thanos, the tour manager

Some of the band members...

The audience...

It's easy to see why Pix Lax is so popular.  The band and crew  are relaxed, approachable and 'down to earth'.

The performance...



Ithakis' audience anticipated a great show from Pix Lax, and when the pre-show mood music faded and the lights flooded the stage blue, their patience up until then exploded into roars of enthusiasm and applause..

The original members together with the new started off the set with songs that everyone knew.  From the old to the very young, Pix Lax tunes were on the lips of everyone there.

The vocalists all took turns in highlighting their own style

The two and a half hour show climaxed with everyone dancing, and the

audience surrounded their favourite band with hopes of a touch or a look.


On the 10th, the night before, Pix Lax played at the opening of the Rio / Antirrio Bridge to thousands of

people.  On Ithaca they played to far fewer, but with equal enthusiasm.  This band loves its' audience whether it is made up of  thousands of people, hundreds or just a handful.  Big production in the things that mattered, but at the end of the night, the band packed up their own gear and then took time to meet and greet all the fans that waited so patiently to get a close look at their idols.  Their musical influences seem to be based on Rock down to the bandanna, but with a little mood thrown in for good measure.  They have worked with Gordon Gano from Violent Femmes and supported REM, but that all means very little to the Ithacans who turned out to see them.  All that concerns them is, that they love Pix Lax!


A sea of hands waved through the warm summer air

Pix Lax

Garden Theatre

Vathy, Ithaca

Excellent sound and spectacular lighting

Mobile phone cameras flashed the night into day

Favourite songs had the audience singing with the band

Pix Lax

The Pix Lax revolution embraces all ages

Once one group braved the space between the seating and the stage, everyone rushed forward

Fimios Organizer, Alexandros Taflambas (right) thanks Tour Manager Thanos for a memorable night of entertainment.

Thank you to Thanos for unrestricted access to bring the family of home ithaca greece these images of Pix Lax.

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