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The Cossacks of Russia

30th July 2004

Performed by the Russian State Dance Company

Photograph reproduced from Cossack Dance  Company Program

The Russian Cossack State Dance Company from Lipetsk, is a troupe of 50 experienced dancers and musicians, led by Leonid Milonanov, the Companys' founder and Artistic

Director since 1991. The Company safeguards and collects the traditions of the Don Cossacks of both the local folklore and those customs retained by the Nekrosov Cossacks who left the Don settlements after the riot of the Don Ataman K. Bulevin, and held sacred their culture, customs and the way of life in Turkey. 

The Don Cossacks, are Russias oldest Military Force.


Some members of the Company

Eleni introduced the Cossacks

Alexandros Taflambas, Fimios Organizer, and Makis Iakovos, stage sound Engineer.

Pre-performance and during Interval, some of the troupe manned the Market Stall set up to sell gifts and icons of the Don regions.

Once the Cossack Dance Company began its' show, the audience couldn't help but get caught up in its' colorful energy.

Ithaki was taken through the history of the Cossacks through 21 pieces of  dance and song

Piece 1- Initial Dance

The  Dance introduces the ensemble in a marching parade

Piece 2 - The Khoper Cossacks.  It dates back to the 14th Century

Piece 3 -  Oh Russia

This dance expresses the

Cossacks love for their motherland and freedom.

Piece 4 -  Yoke the Horse Dad!

Dance of the Ukranian Cossacks symbolizing the courtship of a young Cossack man.

Piece 5 - Black Browed Black Eyed

Dance of the Volga Cossacks displaying feelings of respect for a woman.

Piece 6 -  Cossack Party

Dance presenting Cossacks from various regions meeting for an evening party.

Piece 7 -  Pair After Pair

An evening dance of the Kuban Cossacks Performed in a quadrille.

Piece 9  - Orchestral Music

Piece 8 - Dancing Rivalry

A dance representing the spirit of completion

Piece 10 -  Kalinka

This dance epitomizes Russian pride, dignity and honor

Piece 12 -  Not Evening Yet

A military song from around the mid 17th Century

Piece 13 -  Where Have You Been?

A humorous Ukranian Folk Song

Piece 15 - A Present

Dance demonstrating the Russian proverb "Not the gift, but the attention is dear" 'Valenki' Russian peasant shoes are the gift

Piece 16 -  An Old Photograph

Dance based on old family photos of the Cossacks

Piece 18- Cossack Leader--Ataman

Military song from the Terek area

Piece 17 - Peter the Greats' Gunmen

Dance demonstrating military


Piece 19 - Pot Pourri

Vocal section featuring popular

Cossack folk songs

Piece 20 -  Cossack Dance

Dance symbolizing returning home from war and reuniting with family

Piece 21 - Katyusha

Popular Russian song from WWII period about a young woman waiting for her groom to return from the Front

Leonid Milonanov

The Russian Cossack State Dance Company thrilled the Ithaki audience with powerful imagery of Cossack traditions, customs and history through dance and song. Excellent musicianship and physical performance showcased the Companys' talents which were beautifully and colorfully directed by Leonid Milonanov. Not only did Ithaca experience the power of the Cossacks, but for one night, the Garden Theatre was also transformed into a Russian Bazaar, eagerly supported by the locals and tourists who came for this unique Performance.

Brought to Ithaca from Russian with Love by Fimios.


Piece 11 - Step after Step

Dance that shows the traditions of the Don

Cossacks that were led by Ignaty Nekrasov

Piece 14 - Tsiganochka (Gypsy Girl)

Dance of the Nekrosov Cossacks

Russian Cossack

State Dance Company comes to the Greek island of Ithaca

Colorful costumes

Energetic Dance pieces

The band gave the performance an occasional contemporary feel

The audience responded with exuberant cheer

A whirl of colour

...and athleticism

The audience cheered and danced along with the Cossacks

A cultural exchange

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