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Thursday 22nd July 2004

The Garden Theatre, Vathy Ithaki

Glykeria means 'sweetness' and that is exactly what this performer embodies. Amazing voice, amazing presence, amazing ability to communicate with every individual in an audience of thousands and a musical history and future that makes her one of the most loved and well known talents in Greece.




in concert





Glykerias' band was great! Each instrumentalist and vocalist, a great talent in his own right. Together they made the best Layiki (Greek Popular music) that Glykeria has been renowned for since she began her career in 1974.




The production was excellent. Simple and effective.



In the first set, Glykeria and her band played tracks from her new album 'Anoixi' (Spring). Songs which have all the colors of the season and have already been set in gold in the hearts of her audience. After a short break from stage, where she let her back-up vocalists and her band take the lime light, she returned to sing all the songs that the crowd awaited to hear.


Glykerias' crew were as friendly as Glykeria herself. No shoving or dictating. Nice change.

The tickets were 20 euro. The price had some opt to return home. Their mistake. Glykeria was worth 40.



Through the second set, the audience could not keep from dancing and singing along to every song. Their joy was abundant and uncontainable. The band and Glykeria smiled down at everyone, urging them on and inviting them to join in the performance.

Everyone did just that.


Glykeria 'live' at the Garden Theatre in Vathy, Ithaca






































































Glykerias' career spans 30 years and 14 Albums. The 16 songs on 'Anoixi' were written by her friends and well- known composers such as Antonis Vardis, Pantelis Thalassinos, Vasilis Kouzoulis, Socratis Malamas, Christoforos Germenis, Stelios Fotiadis and Dimitiris Zervoudkis.



'Anoixi' was released in May 2004. Her debut performance of the album was given in Turkey, but Glykeria also gives Ithaki her thumbs up. She said " I will come again."

Glykerias' presence is spellbinding


After the performance, organizer Alexandros Taflambas, thanks Glykeria, the band and crew for coming to Ithaca. The man who gets the biggest stars to the smallest island.

Spiros Arsenis gets to meet the band


Glykeria was invited to Ithaki by Fimios. Photographed by hOME ithaca greece.

(C) 2004 hOME ithaca greece. All rights reserved.



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