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Feast of Aghia Lia
Kioni Festival
Tuesday 20th July 2004

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"There are hardly any people here"

"I found a parking spot. Tthat's never happened before when I arrive at midnight"

"Usually there is nowhere to sit. Tonight I have a choice right near the band and the bar."

"The band is really good."

"Even with all their faults. I miss the old band. They had kefi"

"I think people just can't get the energy up with one Panighiri after another"

"I just got to Ithaki. I'm having a great time."

"Kioni Panighiri has never been my favourite, and this year so many didn't even bother to come."

There was a definite lull at the Kioni Panighiri this year. Mixed feelings all around. There were many varying opinions why it didn't take off like other years. Some are -

It's too expensive. People get tired of the same thing every year. The space is so confined. It doesn't have a local atmosphere. The music needs to change with the times. So many women are pregnant and going to bed early. People are just generally tired and stressed. The restaurant business takes away from the party atmosphere. Not enough locals on the dance floor showing off their dancing talents. Other islands show off their local culture at their festivals, maybe Ithaki should consider that. Sometimes people need to be led into having a good time. The band need to get the people excited with some banter. More should be made of the Prize win. Someone or something needs to draw all the sections together rather than just hoping that everyone will participate in having a good time.

There were also many who thought nothing needed to be changed about the Panighiri in Kioni.


Looking for happy faces...
Although the band were excellent, they lacked the spark to ignite the crowd.
There were plenty of 'on-lookers', but few who kicked up their heels on the dance floor
A burst of enthusiasm
Back to the bar
Just when you thought it's hotting up, the band slows the tempo
Kioni is undboubtedly a beautiful village worth spending time in at any time
...Another burst of enthusiasm


By 12.30am, most of the tables around Kioni were empty and already cleared, and by 1.30am, Kioni had thinned out considerably. Some tried to reach the usual climax during the Panighiri and danced until the band stopped playing, but many more decided to give it up for the year and just went home.


Everyone looking around for something to do, not realizing that 'something to do' depends on everyone doing something.

The 'die hards' died hard at Spavento Bar, where they partied until dawn.

Happy Hangover!!


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