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The Land of the Birds

Performed by the National Theatre of Greece

Tuesday 6th July 2004

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The National Theatre Company of Greece came to Vathy and delighted everyone with the tale of 'The Land of the Birds'. Although primarily a childrens' program, the Company delighted young and old alike in a mesmerizingly colourful production, with movement and music which brought the wonderful fantasy of birds to life.




The Mayor of Ithaki greeted the audience as they made their way into the Garden Theatre in the Vathy Secondary School.

In the Land of the Birds was proudly brought to you by the Fimios

Back stage, the costumes were laid out, while the Actors warmed up. In the Garden, the children and parents waited excitedly for the the program to begin.
The lights dim and a spotlight falls over the narrator sitting at his desk with a typewriter. The Tale begins.
In The Land Of The Birds


For the children in the audience, the National Theatre Company of Greece bring to life a colorful fantasy. Birds explode with personality and soon envelop the Garden Theatre in the chaos, laughter and wonder of their lives as they dance and sing through their songs of flight.

Young and old are captivated by the performance
The skies were brought to earth with an imaginative set and lighting.
If you missed this performance, you missed something very special. In the Land of the Birds succeeded in transporting its' audience to a place of wonder and joy.


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