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Greece wins Euro Cup
4th July 2004

A Great Day in Greeces' Football History

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Is it a plane?

No it's....






Before the game, everyone seemed to be comforting themselves in the thought that Greece wouldn't win, but boy what an effort to have made it to the Cup, let alone a Final! All through the day, excitement was high as the entire island put up its' flags and cheered through the streets from one end of Ithaki to the other, letting loose a patriotism brought about by a game of football. It was hard not to get caught up in the razor enthusiasm of an island gone wild, and even if your passion lays elsewhere, everyone enjoys a good party and what a party it was! When Greece scored that first goal, the license to begin the celebration was stamped and when Portugal failed to score, victory was sealed for Greece and the real party began and is still going on right this minute.



Nervous moments through the first half. Nail biting and silence accented the TV arenas around the island. The big screen at Margaritas in Stavros gave everyone a good view, but all the restaurants and bars around the island were magnets to the Football fans who live here and have come from all over the world. Aaagh!!
When Greece won....
Ithaki went crazy!!!!!

Plates smashed. Free drinks for everyone - from the bottle, in a glass or as a shower bath. Kissing, hugging, getting naked, screaming, cheering, beeping, running wild in the streets, fire crackers, lights, action, babies, grannies, mums and dads, teenagers, dogs and cats, hairy people, blonde people, skinny, fat, wrapped in blue and white vibrating the island in a victorious frenzy.

Ithaki, an island of uncontrollable happiness, with a community completely out of control!!


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