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The Devils' Sock .. . Street Theatre comes to Stavros

19th July 2004

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The Poster said 8.45pm. Street Theatre was coming to Stavros. The village square filled with people and colour as it neared the advertised time and then surpassed it by over an hour. Still, by all accounts, it was worth the wait for the comedy 'The Devils Sock' which was performed by a small cast of excellent actors from Kefalonia. Pre- performance speeches were made with heavy political overtones about Ellada and its' future, and it wouldn't be Greece if there was no mention of politics. Stavros' President was then acknowledged for his efforts in his northern constituency and finally Yiannis Andriantos, ND Councilor to Ithaki and a local Ithacan himself, welcomed all to set the performance underway.


Stavros really came out to support the efforts made to bring entertainment to the village. With most performances scheduled to appear in Vathy, it was nice for the northern locals to have something of their own, to which they could just walk out the door to experience and enjoy.
Considering there was over an hour wait before the Theatre Group began its' performance of 'The Devils' Sock', the audience waited patiently for the golden lights to fall upon the stage and the first words to be uttered.
The satirical play took its' cue from the Greek saying "May the devil come into me". When the devil did appear to the main character, he wanted nothing more than for him to disappear again, but a man who lusts after women and cheats on his tax may well deserve this fateful visit....
This traveling Street Theatre Group gave a professional performance one expects to see in the surrounds of a Theatre. Excellent quality of acting, costume, lights and design and all experienced for absolutely no cost to the audience other than the giving of their time to enjoy 'The Devils' Sock' under golden lights and a star-filled sky.
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