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The Chappries Play Vathy
15th July 2004 at the Mylos Creperie


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The Chappries


Vathy was treated to a special performance by the Chappries at the Mylos Creperie right on the bay. Rock'n'Roll. The boys played hits from the 70's and 80's, including of course 'My Sharona' and 'Satisfaction' . Nikos Karantzis from the Greek indie band 'Oh My Garden', also manager of Mylos Creperie, singer/songwriter/guitarist and once summer barman at Spavento Bar in Kioni, with his friend Stavros Delas from Delas Tours travel agency, also known as Paparazzi photographer Steve Doorman, bassist, guitarist and Panighiri musician until last year, 2003, got together with a few boys from Vathy to put together the Chappries. Thursday 15th July 2004 was their Premier Performance until.....the neighbors shut them down.





Ma ma ma my Sharona....Hey!






Wouldn't be a rock gig without at least one longhair with a beer in his hand.

Oh my little pretty one, pretty one, when...

Ooh you make my motor (moped) run, motor run...


I can't get no satisfaction... "me either turn up the guitar! "

Here comes the Solo




Wow! that's a bar chord.
Encore! Encore! "Ohi we better stop, ohi ohi... nai alright"
Maro and Karafotis aka Vagos and Nikos

The patrons of Mylos are having a great time and so is the band.


Look out for The Chappries live on MTV

coming soon


Hush hush, thought I heard her callin' my name...Is what the band was singing

Shut Up[! shut Up! said the neighbors, and that was it. Goodbye Chappries good Luck!

Don't forget boys, keep your amps turned off if you want to get through an entire gig



We are the Chappries

We are the Chappries

No time for boozers cause we

are the Chappries, of the world



The audience shouts for more...begs...pleads...

No go. The neighborhood wants quiet.




Despite being shut down after less than an hour of play time, the Chappries had a good time. They gave some loving vibes to an already love stricken audience, heated up the rather coolish Summer night and vibrated the concrete underneath the passing traffic. The night also gave Christos from Lahos, a place to set up his jewelry stand and the Vathinians a reason to smile (or complain). Good on the Chaps from The Chappries.

By the way boys, the lyrics in the song Hush are - 'she broke my heart but I love her just the same.'

Now get back to work Niko, you have a business to run.



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