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Feast of the Panaghia

Platrithia Panighiri

Sunday 15th August 2004


Hundred and hundreds of Souvlaki were on the grill, smoking up the sky and tempting people from all over the North to come to Platrithia.  This Panighiri is the favourite of many.  It's the Panighiri where all the true grit locals of the North finally venture out to enjoy their Festival.  Most went to the church way up on the hill towards Marmaka in the early hours of the morning to give praise to the Panaghia, the Virgin Mary, and as is tradition, they finish off their day of celebration, eating, drinking and making merry with their community.  Of course this celebration isn't just for the northern community.  People come from all over Ithaki, the mainland and from overseas, to help in the celebration

The Big P (left) with two lovely girls. 

Old habits, die hard. 

"Do you know this guy?"

"No, do you?"

The Platrithia Panighiri is considered the last big chance to party for the Summer.  Each year it marks a time after which the island slowly begins to become quiet again.

The two Bars at each side of the dance floor keep everyone well lubricated.

"The souvlaki are great"

Today is the day all Marias, Peters, Panoyiotis, Makis… Have their name day.  Everyone was saying Hronia Polla to everyone.


When the kids got tired, the families went home and then this Panighiri really fired up with all the usual suspects  partying hard and fast until the bar had been depleted of all alcoholic substances.

Try bartending to this crowd

The face of an angel

Touched by an angel

Open up those Pearly Gates..

Here I come.

Another Panighiri over, the last of the big ones for the year.  Lots of sore heads tomorrow, but hopefully no regrets.  The raffle made the community some money for future projects, the souvlaki caught on fire, but didn't burn anything down unlike President of the Athens Olympic Committee, Ianna Agelopoulous' fireworks party in Athens,  new friends were made, good company enjoyed, everyone ate well, drank a lot, danced their feet off and had a good time. 

What more can you ask of a Panighiri? 

A little reunion of the old Panighiri band

Dimosthenis (above) welcomed the crowd in Greek, English, Italian, French and German.  Very Impressive!  He was rewarded for his grand effort with great applause from all the tourists and Greeks alike.

"See I've still got it"





















This is a great Panighiri to bring the kids along to.  There's a playground at the edge of the Square and a great family atmosphere early on in the night.

All the way from NY

All the way from Montreal

All the way from Austria

All the way from


All the way from Kephalonia

All the way from Australia

All the way from Stavros

All the way from  the US

All the way from Melbourne

All the way from Lahos

All the way from South Africa

Open up those Pearly Gates cause here I come.

Touched by an Angel

Platrithia Panighiri 2004

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