Ithaca Greece-- Greek island holiday.  President Constantinos Stefanopoulos visits Ithaca island for Unification celebrations.  Ithaca one of the 7 Heptanese.

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Unification Celebration

President Costantinos Stefanopoulos

Visits Ithaca Greece

Before dinner Mr. Stefanopoulos takes a few questions from the Press and allows some photo opportunities for tourists, while the 92 invited guests get seated.  Although there was much security around the President of Greece, the evening still had that laid back Ithacan atmosphere that everyone has learned to love.

From sunset until Mr. Stefanopoulos' arrival, Police and their dogs sniffed out anything out of the ordinary.  Frikes has never seen such intensive Policing.

Tilemahos, Ithakis Mayor,talks to the crowd while everyone waits for the President to arrive from Kioni, where he visited with his old Friend Yiorgos Moraitis over an Ouzaki.

The Penelope family get ready to receive the President at their Frikes Restaurant, Penelope (Steve's Place)

Spiros, Vice Mayor and his wife Mary, mingle with the locals as everyone anticipates the evening before them.

Alexandros, Ithakis local Lawye,r and his wife Poli, arrive to take their place in the Presidents dinner Party.

Everyone applauds as Mr. Costantinos

Stefanopoulos arrives in Frikes

From all reports, the night was a

splendid success and all who attended had a good time.  Penelope Restaurant served up a veritable feast of lobster and fish for Mr. Stefanopoulos , all of Ithakis Councillors, Generals of Army, Navy and Airforce and invited guests, while Rementzo Restaurant  fed the 30 or so Police guards who waited to escort  Mr. Stefanopoulos and his entourage back to Vathy .

All the locals and tourists who had descended on the small port village of Frikes in Northern Ithaca to get a look at the President of Greece were not disappointed.  The chill in the air deterred no one from taking front row seats at all the tavernas.  Flashes from digicams, here from all over the world,  lit up the night sky and when the President drove off into the dark, drinking and merriment continued into the early hours of the morning.

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