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The best Stavros Panighiri in a long while!!!!!!!!!!

It seemed that everyone had the same thought.  "Tonight is going to be great" and it was.  Lots of Kefi.  The band (the same one as in Kioni) really rocked.  They were great.  They followed the mood of the crowd and then took it over its' limits. They played the usual Panighiri tunes and threw in a handful of Pop which really had them jumping.  The band is made up of (undoubtedly)  talented musicians, but on this night they were electric as they took the crowd to where they should be, Kefi Heaven.

Souvlaki the half naked way.

Stavros Panighiri

Thursday 5th and Friday 6th

August 2004


The Stavros Square was brimming with enthusiastic people, all of whom jumped up on the dance floor at least once during the night.

Food, wine and dance were abundant and if you missed the first night, there's always tomorrow, when it happens all over again.

Some tourists look on as others take Class 101 in Greek dance, taught to them patiently  by locals and ex-pats.

What's this then?

Who's this then?

Stavros was like a big Love-In.  Everyone hugging and holding hands.  Who made up the Punch???

When I grow up…..

Beautiful boys, beautiful girls…

Wandering eyes, tempting smiles

I'm not a poet, now everyone knows it..

Nice huh?

"Not sleeping just dreaming of you"


Festival put the Kefi back into the 



Cuties from Oz sparkle for the

hOME ithaca greece camera

"Do you have a brother?"

The blonde with her face cut out is Elena Katrava.  See her in Who's Here page 7

Happy Family


The band must have been exhausted once the clock struck 4am, but they continued to dazzle the dancers with more great tunes to jump by.  What a great night.  The Panighiri seemed to embody the days of old when there was 1 party a year , which everyone would make the most of. Mention also needs to be made of the Sound Mixer and drummer of the past Panighiri Band, Spiros.  Great job, good bottom end!

No pics from the 6th.  Gotta dance now

What do you call a lawyer at the bottom of a  swimming pool????


Who's that girl below?

Stavros Panighiri for that 'outa body


Singer of the band

Good Greek Boys

Northern Ithacas Mascot, Paul has a friend


W o W !

Yeah Wow!

The 'Xalia' Gypsy Musos

Pretty ones



favourite Martian is back.

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