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The Stone Shirt
Songs Presented by Spiros Arsenis
16th July 2004

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Brought to you by Fimios

Spiros Arsenis, local Ithacan, presented a night of beautiful song at the Garden Theatre in Vathy. May Hannas' and Despina Matralas sweet voices sang songs written over the winter months on Ithaki by songwriters such as Yiorgos Douglas, Ithacas Poet. Unfortunately there was only a small audience to enjoy the evening which was beautifully and simply presented.



Spiros welcomes in guests and gathers the help of Alexandros Taflambas, Ithakis Summer Concerts Manager and Fimios Member.


Once Spiros and singers, May Hanna and Despina Matrala, settled on stage, a hush of anticipation fell over the audience. Simple lighting set the mood of the performance for The Stone Shirt.
Left - Councilor Yiannis Andrianatos and his wife Marina, always seen supporting local culture.
The Stone Shirt, songs selected and presented by Spiros Arsenis