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In celebration of the 10th Anniversary of ithacagreece.com
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Available in 4 sizes: 12 x 12  | 10 x 10 | 8 x 8 | 6 x 6
Hard Cover with thick lustre paper. Rich, full colour spreads and really excellent quality.

I wish i could have made these books and given them away for free, but alas, with no sponsorship to print
I have needed to take the expensive option of printing on demand. This limited edition photo book 'Ithaca'
is in celebration of the 10th anniversary of ithacagreece.com and depicts the Ithaki seasons with photographs
I have chosen from the thousands taken over the years.

I have heard from some ipad users they can not see the book embedded here, unfortunately I can't make it work for you if it doesn't. I can only suggest you have the latest flash.

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