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Thursday 14th August 2014

It took awhile, but finally the weather for a panighiri (festival) was just right. Anoghi is one of the faves as it's centered between north and south. It gets both ends of the island involved in another huge summer celebration. At first it looked like it would be another quiet night, but at around 1am, the usual squeeze through from bar to dance floor made it evident, there's no such thing as a quiet Anoghi Panighiri.

ithaca's Panghiri band Mnistires played their best again, keeping the dance floor full at all times. They do a wonderful job each year, keeping the locals and visitors entertained during all the summer celebrations. Ithacan's were pretty hungry too. The longest line I've seen at the souvlaki counter. The wait may have been a bit frustrating for some, but the in the end, the delicious souvlaki quelled any frustration that may have been hovering. Another great night at the Anoghi Panighiri.